‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Recounts ‘Weird’ Argument With Her Father About Andrew Jackson

Gwendlyn Brown sitting on a couch during an interview for 'Sister Wives' on TLC.
Gwendlyn Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

“I’m most likely the worst a single in the situation because I complained all the time about how my father hadn’t showed up,” she mentioned. Gwendlyn explained that when Kody did come all around, he’d complain about her canine, Noel, not recognizing him, and she’d contact him out

Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, reveals some insight about her partnership with her father, Kody Brown. The 21-yr-previous Sister Wives star revealed the substantial combat she experienced with Kody about this dead president.

Kody Brown | TLC/YouTube
Gwendlyn suggests Kody was hardly ever an ‘active’ dad

On Gwendlyn’s Patreon, she posted her response to Sister Wives Period 17, Episode 6 ‘Telling Truely.’ In the episode, Gwendlyn’s sister, Ysabel Brown, talks about her strained romantic relationship with her father. Kody is oblivious as to why Ysabel is shut off from him. “She’s almost certainly hurt that you weren’t quite lively in her childhood,” Gwendlyn commented.


In the episode, Kody blamed Christine for poisoning the minds of their six small children versus him. Gwendlyn sets the report straight and phone calls Kody’s accusation bogus. “That’s not real,” she stated.

Gwendlyn stated that it was the other way all-around and that their youngsters were being trying to encourage their mother to go away Kody. “We possibly dislike our father a lot more than she does,” she claimed. Gwendlyn believes it’s “not fair” for her dad to blame Christine for the poor interactions when “he’s the a person who’s not showing up.” Gwendlyn does not imagine it is her mom’s fault. “It’s not her fault. It’s not my fault, either. It’s dad’s fault,” she concluded.

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Gwendlyn and Kody argue about Andrew Jackson

In the Q&A at the finish of the reaction video, Gwendlyn shares a weird story about how he and Kody argue about a former president. “One time, he and I received into the weirdest argument about Andrew Jackson.”

Gwendlyn explained to her father that Andrew Jackson was a “weird president” and a “messed up guy” since he was dependable for the Trail of Tears. Jackson was the president who handed the Indian Removal act of 1830, which resulted in the Trail of Tears, the deadly route used by Native Individuals when compelled off their ancestral lands and into Oklahoma, which resulted in at minimum 4,000 fatalities.


In accordance to Gwendlyn, she and her father argued about regardless of whether or not previous president Andrew Jackson was a excellent gentleman or not. “And father was like, ‘You’re a terrible daughter. Why would you say that? He was an remarkable president. I was like, ‘Ok.’ And he yelled at me and ran out,” she recounted.

“And so I start out crying. I’m like, ‘Why does not my father like me?’ And my mom was just sitting there, likely immediately after presently having made the decision she was going to divorce him. She is like, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry you really don’t have a truly good romantic relationship with your father,’” Gwendlyn concluded.

Gwendlyn was the most ‘verbal’ about Kody’s absence

Disagreement about managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic prompted Kody to separate from Christine, Janelle, and their young children. Gwendlyn admitted she did not let her father off …read more

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