Snoop on how he became friends with Martha Stewart, by getting her high


Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have a cooking competition show together. It’s called Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party and it’s not bad. You can pick up a few tips but I wouldn’t watching it for proper cooking lessons. An episode is only as good as its guests, though. But even when the guest sucks, Martha and Snoop have great chemistry and seem to genuinely get along. Which, although delightful, is a bit surprising. So, when Snoop appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show, Stern asked Snoop if their friendship was legit. Snoop said not only is it the real deal, they hang out socially quite a bit. Stern, like the rest of, wondered – what the hell brought these two crazy kids together? According to Snoop, it was Justin Bieber and pot.

Okay, what Snoop really said was that he’d watched Martha’s show often, which kind of brings up a few other questions about Snoop’s downtime routines, and he noticed how much the hip hop community was represented on her show. Snoop was so impressed by this, he made a point to get himself on her show where he made green brownies with Martha. You can watch the clip here. It’s cute because the ‘green’ Martha adds is decorating sugar, not what Snoop is more famously associated with but everyone is in on the joke. Following that, Martha and Snoop were both scheduled to speak at the Justin Bieber Roast. Why they would make that a priority in their schedules is beyond me, but we are all the better for it. They sat next to each other and – shocker – Snoop smoked the whole show. So, when Martha got up and delivered her very funny and relaxed roast, Snoop attributed her smooth delivery to the contact high he’d given her. And from the smoke, a friendship emerged. Their unlikely alliance made TV execs salivate, which led to their show. I haven’t heard anything about a season three for Potluck. I hope It continues, they look like the enjoy the heck out of making it.

Thanks to Jezebel for the story, btw. Here’s the clip. It’s Snoop on Howard Stern so it goes without saying this is NSFW due to language:

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