System Language Pro Analyzes Amber Heard’s Psychological Testimony in Johnny Depp Trial


Amber Heard took to the stand in the course of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial this 7 days. A human body language qualified analyzed Heard’s first working day of testimony, including the actor’s gestures, facial expression, lack of tears, and the significance of her hairstyle.

Amber Read | Elizabeth Frantz/ Pool/ AFP via Getty Photos
Pro analyzes Amber Heard’s system language throughout Johnny Depp demo

Heard took to the stand on May well 4 for the 1st working day of testimony in the defamation trial. Entire body language expert Judi James furnished her analysis of Listened to, offering MailOnline with some of the standout times.

James noted it was “important” how Heard turned toward the jury when introducing herself on the stand to “create individual connections.”

The qualified also shared how Heard’s choice of hairstyle was considerable. “Her hair is also draped to her still left, meaning that the jury have a crystal clear look at of her face, both in silhouette and as she turns to tackle them right,” James famous.

She additional, “The outcome would be to ‘humanize’ herself to the jury somewhat than isolating herself as a celebrity who they will presumably have been hearing detrimental opinions about.”

James stated it confirmed “a specified total of regard to them to want to address them instantly as it demonstrates a thing to consider of them as getting in ultimate handle in conditions of the verdict.”

Heard’s hairstyling enables the jury to see her eyes. “We tend to believe in persons additional when we can see their eye expression so this gesture could counsel she has nothing at all to conceal,” James reported.

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Amber Read didn’t lose any tears even with her emotional testimony

Listened to was emotional on the stand while recounting times of alleged abuse but did not drop any tears throughout her testimony.  

“The cameras designed it really hard to select out if they had fashioned in her eyes or if her eyes experienced reddened,” James noted. “This, like every thing, is a complex level. When responsible men and women perform tears they generally test to conceal their dry eyes, poking them with fingers, squeezing them shut limited or prodding them with a hankie.”

The specialist ongoing, “When they do cry for real the streaming tears are generally prompted by self-pity. Amber’s seemed to be truncated, but is that performing or negative acting or the innocent intricate reaction of an individual with mixed emotions?”

James also pointed out how “Amber’s facial expressions turned more animated when she spoke about abuse.” According to the skilled, Heard’s “expressions seemed to assortment from shock and bewilderment to disgust and anger.”

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Read confirmed ‘complex’ facial expressions and ‘conflicted feelings,’ professional states

James also analyzed

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