Tamaris, Mia, and Louise Get rid of 5 Men — Who Is Remaining?


In HBO’s FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 8, the girls mail dwelling a lot of men inspite of now figuring out that they are great men following the expose in episode 6. Tamaris Sepulveda, Mia Emani Jones, and Louise Barnard slender their gentlemen down to only six remaining men by the end of episode 8. Their choices do not shock us in this fact Television series, but we’re here for it. Here’s our episode 8 breakdown and which guys the women removed.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 8.]

‘FBoy Island’ Time 2 Episode 7: Louise did not reduce Mercedes

Time 2 Episode 7 left viewers hanging, believing that Louise despatched Mercedes Knox to Limbro. On the other hand, when FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 8 opens, we discover she gave Mercedes a 2nd probability. In its place, Louise sent great male Aaron Spady to “Nice Person Grotto.” In the meantime, Tamaris sends JaBriane Ross along with Aaron in the opening scene. No surprises there possibly.

Tamaris, Mia, and Louise get the adult men on group dates in ‘FBoy Island’ Period 2

Mia takes Danny Louise, Kian Lewis, and Peter Park on a group date to fly kites by the rolling waves of the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico coast. Whilst Mia chooses to chat privately with Danny, Peter hovers above the couple the complete time. Mia connects much more with Danny and Peter than Kian.

Meanwhile, Louise will take Mercedes Knox, Benedict Polizzi, and Nick Warfield golfing. Benedict does not comprehend how Louise could pick out an FBoy about a wonderful person. But Mercedes and Louise make out ideal in front of the other two gentlemen.

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Tamaris will take Tom Carnifax, Asante Tait, and Casey Johnson for some karma sutra Yoga. The guys enjoy as they choose turns finding into sexual poses with Tamaris. Tom openly shares his thoughts with the other guys when they return from the day. He’s discouraged that he does so a lot, and Tamaris doesn’t seem to treatment. 

Tom and Tamaris have a coronary heart-to-heart 

Later on in episode 8, Tamaris sits down with Tom, but she’s not into it when he shares his thoughts with her. Tom admits he would shift to Florida for Tamaris, but it is an instant switch-off for her. He feels that she’s only into him sexually and not emotionally. It looks like Tom’s ideal. In the meantime, Casey admits that he’s falling for Tamaris. She concerns that he’s lying, but they make out in any case.

‘FBoy Island’ Period 2 Episode 8: Benedict Polizzi and Mercedes Knox | Hassen Salum/HBO Max

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Louise is even now into Mercedes more than Benedict

Mercedes admits he was jealous of the other fellas in the course of the yoga poses in FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 8. He swears that he’s never cheated, and Louise feels incredibly …read more

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