The Bachelor Villain Emerges: Welcome, Queen of Mean!

Matt James and Victoria

Reality sunk in for Matt James on Monday night.

“It’s hard to fathom that one of those women who I handed a rose out to last night could be my wife,” The Bachelor lead said early on this week’s revealing episode, adding;

“I feel like today, right now, is where the journey is official beginning for me.”

The first one-on-one date of the evening involved Matt and Bri going on an ATV ride while the other suitors looked on from the resort.

“I’m literally so sick of you guys,” Victoria told the group, establishing herself as a villain. “I want to hang out with Matt.”

Well, yeah.

All the women do, Vicky. But they need to wait their turn.

Have you ever seen The Bachelor before?

She likely has, and Victoria was likely aware that one can make a name for oneself by just being very mean.

She trashed Matt and Bri as “fake as s—” to the cameras.

Later on, Victoria complained that she didn’t like the camaraderie amongst the women, either.

“I hate this girl power bulls—,” she said.

After their ATV rides, The Bachelor and Bri headed to a wood-fired hot tub to enjoy some champagne.

When Matt took off his shirt to chop wood, something definitely not planned or scripted, Bri couldn’t help but label him “the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.”

Cut to dinner… and to Bri opening up about her mother giving birth to her at age 13… and the pair bondiing over how they grew up in single-parent households.

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At the end of the meal, Matt gave Bri a rose and they spent the rest of the night smooching under a fireworks display.

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Back the resort, the self-proclaimed “Queen,” Victoria, continued to focus her wrath on her competitors.

“Well, now you guys know how I felt this morning,” she told them.

“Because you guys were just so rude to me. This was the issue I had all day. I’m here to spend time with Matt.

“That’s important to me, so if it’s not important to you, that’s what’s perplexing to me.”

After Victoria blasted her roommate and went to sleep on the couch, she ended up on a group date with Chelsea, Serena P., Abigail, Sydney, Illeana, Kristin, Lauren, Jessenia, Serena C., Kit, Kaili, Katie, MJ, Mari, Pieper and Rachael.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have a healthy marriage and today I’d love to see what that looks like,” Matt teased of the date.

As luck would have it, the women then learned they’d be posing for wedding photos with James to visualize what their special day together could look like.

They had 10 minutes to put on their bridal best.

Once the photo shoot began, Victoria jumped her place in line for a “royal wedding” and asked Matt to take a garter off of her leg.

After he obliged, she leaned in for the kiss. Because of course she did.

“I feel like Victoria putting the garter belt around her leg is kind of a reach for attention,” Serena C. said in a confessional.

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