The Bachelorette Suitors: Who Has Clare Kept Around?

This is dale

Clare Crawley is getting ready to meet her husband.

And she’ll have quite a few men from whom to choose.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with The Bachelorette producers scrambling to find older men to compete for the 39-year old’s heart, there will be more suitors than ever before on Season 16.

According to Chris Harrrison, a total of 31 men will be housed in a giant California resort — but only one will be chosen as Clare’s potential soulmate.

“There are a lot of rumors flying around,” Chris Harrison has said of The Bachelorette spoilers that claim Crawley will be replaced by Tayshia Adams. “I just want to say right now:

“You may think you know everything but you don’t. It is a season you have to see to believe.”

Scroll down to meet every contestant!

(UPDATE: This gallery has been adjusted to reflect the men Clare has sent home… and to reveal more about each one she has kept around.)

1. This is Dale!!!!

Dale Moss, 31, is from Brandon, South Dakota. He’s a former football player, and Harrison says, “It’s safe to say Dale really leaves his mark early on this season. It’s safe to say I’ve never seen someone leave a bigger impression.” Yes, this is allegedly the man Clare falls so hard for that she leaves before the season is over. He’s a former NFL wide receiver who is closely involved with the Special Olympics and lives in NYC.

2. This is Ben

Ben Smith is 29 and is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s a big talker and a very long talker. He has over 5,000 Instagram followers and often shares photos on there of him working out.

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3. This is Bennett

Bennett Jordan is 37 years old and from Atlanta. Chris Harrison says he’s “50 percent Wall Street, 50 percent Greenwich, CT.”

4. This is Blake Monar

Blake Monar, 31, is from Rockport, Indiana. He’s a male grooming specialist and he has amazing hair, as you can see. He talks all about it on social media, too, promoting various hair products and often showing off his locks to his 4,000-plus followers.

5. This is Blake Moynes

Blake Moynes, 29, is from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He’s a wildlife manager and owns a falcon. He makes some bold moves and “pushes the envelope,” Harrison says. According to Instagram, Moynes has a rescue dog — and his bio on that platform reads as follows: “Canadian, Wildlife Enthusiast, Lets stop living like we’re the only species on this [Earth] or in time we will be.”

6. This is Brandon

Brandon Goss, 28, is from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a real estate agent and has over 14,000 followers as a result. Most of his Instagram feed, though, is dedicated to his modeling career. Lots of Blue Steel-like poses on there!

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