The Bizarre Origin of the War Boys’ Silver Mouths and Teeth Will Give You Chills


For die-challenging followers of Mad-Max: Fury Road, there won’t be a need to have for character introductions. But for any individual who is unfamiliar with the films, in common, this a lot more modern-day rendition of the common movies is extra than a reboot. 

Charlize Theron performs the lead feminine protagonist Imperator Furiosa. Tom Hardy portrays Max Rockatansky. The best enemy function of Immortan Joe is eerily portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who remarkably played this role in the 1979 unique.

Mad Max: Fury Street takes place in a article-apocalyptic environment exactly where drinking water and gasoline are the most valuable belongings in a extensive desert landscape. Immortan Joe and his army of silver-soaked War Boys rule methods with an iron fist. This provides us to the future issue: Why do the War Boys have silver mouths and teeth, anyway? The strange origin of this appear will send out chills up your backbone.

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In the context of Mad Max: Fury Road, hoards of shaved-headed males, generally shirtless, serve as Immortan Joe’s army. The War Boys pledge allegiance to their master, ready to sacrifice their life for him. In advance of they head into fight, they spray their teeth and lips with a silver-looking substance that appears to be like like spray paint. Mad Max Fandom explains.

This exercise of lining their mouths with a silver material is a lot more of a religious ritual. Each Immortan Joe and the War Boys them selves explain it this way in the motion picture. It ensures their entrance into “the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome.”

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The War Boys embraced the ritual as a necessary component of their price and salvation. But their evil chief had much far more sinister intentions with the mouth-spraying ritual.

The actor who invented and portrayed Immortan Joe, Keays-Byrne, clarifies the backstory of the War Boys’ silvery mouth spray. He suggests while the hoard thinks it is a ritual, it truly consists of inhalation of “a pretty euphoric drug” that, in reality, retains the War Boys significant and suicidal in their devotion to Immortan Joe.

Are there seriously narcotic qualities involved in the War Boys’ silver paint?
Nux gets sprayed with silver paint in Mad Max: Fury Street | Famous Movie Scenes via Youtube

Of training course, Mad Max: Fury Road is just a film. None of the actors portraying the War Boys essentially inhaled narcotics. But the idea is rooted in actuality. In simple fact, the author and director George Miller said he arrived up with the notion from a Vietnam War documentary, Entrance Line.

In it, Cambodian troopers performed a comparable pre-war ritual. Troopers would suspend little jade figurines of Buddha from their mouths, signifying their pre-war braveness to meet up with their makers.

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