The latest trailer for ‘The Crown’ season 4 is so chilling & ominous

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I GOT CHILLS!! Netflix has released another trailer – probably the final trailer – for season 4 of The Crown. As we’ve discussed, this is where Lady Diana Spencer is introduced and we’ll get to see some of the courtship, and I guess maybe up to the wedding. Emma Corrin really, really looks like Diana in so many of these scenes, especially with that feathered Shy Di wig, my God. And the voiceover on the trailer… it’s ominous as hell, and it’s well-earned. We know how this fairytale ended. It ended in screams, a tabloid feeding frenzy, infidelity, divorce and a death in a Paris tunnel. It needs to be THIS ominous.

I think Gillian Anderson is probably going to win everything for playing Margaret Thatcher, right? The wig work is so good! Helena Bonham Carter as a blousy, boozy Margaret is really something too. My only complaint is that I feel like Josh O’Connor really doesn’t look or seem that much older than Diana? Prince Charles was old before his time, for sure, so he seemed like he was 30 going on 60. But Charles also *looked* so much older than his lovely young bride. And I’m not sure Josh O’Connor pulls that off. Hm.

Also: I’m absolutely positive that the assassination of Lord Mountbatten is going to be the hinge of this season. In retrospect, it cannot be understated how much Dickie’s death affected Prince Charles.

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Change is coming. 15th November.

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