‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Rooster Fried Steak Medallions


The Pioneer Girl place a new spin on an old recipe. Ree Drummond showed property cooks how to make hen fried steak medallions. Here’s how to make this mouth-watering meal.

Ree Drummond’s chicken fried steak medallions
The Pioneer Girl Ree Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank by means of Getty Pictures

When it comes to Drummond’s cookbook recipes, she phone calls her chicken fried steak “the most important vintage of all.” She states some individuals question in which the rooster is when they initial eat this food. However, Drummond clarifies that hen fried steak is just steak that is breaded like hen.

Drummond suggests there is not a great deal you can do to make hen fried steak greater than the authentic. Nevertheless, one particular improve she designed to this recipe was to make hen fried steak medallions as an alternative of significant parts of meat. She also provides mini biscuits.

Planning the seasoned flour

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Drummond starts off by generating the seasoned flour for the hen fried steak. She adds salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne pepper to the flour. Drummond claims anytime you are seasoning flour for hen fried steak or any breading, it’s critical to insert plenty of salt. She helps make guaranteed to include seasoned salt to the flour combination.

Drummond describes hen fried steak as the “ultimate comfort meals.” She states this is a incredibly abundant food, so you could possibly not want to take in it too usually. “It’s certainly just one of individuals factors you can only try to eat about as soon as each 3 months for the reason that it’s really filling,” jokes Drummond on The Pioneer Woman exhibit. “But it is just a nation traditional.”

Planning the cubed steak

For the subsequent phase, Drummond seasons the meat with salt and pepper on equally sides. She makes use of cubed steak for the chicken fried steak medallions. “Cubed steak is spherical steak that has been tenderized two times,” states Drummond. “It goes through the tenderizer and then you turn it and tenderize it once more.”

Drummond says you can purchase steak that has presently been tenderized at the supermarket. “Instead of massive, big parts, I minimize these cute tiny medallions,” suggests Drummond.

Breading the meat

Upcoming, Drummond breads the cubed steak. She sets up an assembly line so that it is simpler to get ready the dish. She begins by placing the meat into the flour mixture, then she dunks it into an egg and milk combination. Then, she puts the meat back again into the flour mixture.

Drummond claims inserting the meat into the flour mixture 2 times is what aids make the thick breading on the steak. “It is a very messy, messy course of action,” says Drummond. “But you just have to embrace it and enjoy.”

Preparing the hen fried steak medallions

Following, Drummond locations the cubed steak into a massive skillet of scorching …read more

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