The Sun: Duchess Kate ‘has taken years to mature to perfection,’ she ‘has no peers’

Britain's Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at The Natural History Museum in London, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of the Museum, visited the Natural History Museum's Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity to hear how it

Maybe it’s Scorpio Season or maybe it’s the Mercury Retrograde, but I am feeling a very weird vibe around the royals and the royal media. It’s quite clear that British royal reporters are “mad” at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and it’s quite clear that those same reporters and commentators are happy to do the most to embiggen the Duchess of Cambridge. But… it feels like everyone is either trying too hard or they’re just phoning it in. Like, everything just feels false? The “future queen Kate is perfect in every way” narrative is as obvious as it is mind-numbing. Same with the “Meghan does everything wrong and people loathe her” narrative. I’m just sort of throwing up my hands at this point. I tried to make it through this Richard Price piece at the Sun but it was too stupid too finish.

From her style overhaul to her new bronde highlights and easy confidence, Kate has completely transformed since bursting back on to the scene last October, following a six-month maternity leave (her longest yet) after the birth of Prince Louis in April. She even made her foray into social media by posting on Instagram from Pakistan. The beautiful, confident woman whose empathy charms everyone she meets is a world away from the gaucheness of yesteryear’s “Waity Katie”. And if onlookers struggle to put their finger on what has changed for Kate, that’s because the real change is on the inside.

“Like the finest of wines, she has taken years to mature to perfection, but the woman you see today has no peers on the global stage,” a well-placed royal source tells Fabulous. “What people are seeing now is a confident, driven woman with a purpose. For the first time in her life Kate knows where she is going and has the self-belief to get there under her own steam.”

Of course, she has plenty of support – not least from William, who is as bowled over by Kate today as he was when he first saw her striding down the catwalk in that see-through dress at the University of St Andrews. Nearly 20 years on, at 37 she still has an incredible figure, but now has the confidence to go with it. “Back then she was full of self-doubt, despite all her assets,” adds the source. “These days she’s a force to be reckoned with.”

The fact that even royal insiders are making complimentary comparisons to Diana speaks volumes about how far Kate has come. At a time when the royals have their share of troubles – with Harry and Meghan at war with the media and beleaguered Prince Andrew fighting for his reputation over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – Kate is a breath of fresh air. It is hard to imagine this is the same woman who was once lambasted as a work-shy social climber, the lucky girl whose sole job …read more

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