Vicki Gunvalson: Shannon Beador is a Selfish, Narcissistic Egomaniac!

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

The OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson has already ranted about Kelly Dodd, calling her a “gold-digging harlot.”

Now, she has fixed her gaze upon her former friend, Shannon Beador, and is making her feelings clear.

The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is upon us, and so some of the cast members are drumming up support.

Naturally, Shannon Beador is a big part of that.

And just as naturally, she was asked about Vicki, Shannon spoke about her ex-friend. This will be the first season without Vicki — ever.

“I find it very interesting that Shannon is doing press about the upcoming season, which neither Tamra or I are in,” Vicki observes to Celeb Magazine.

She continues: “and deciding that we are necessary topics of conversation.”

“I suppose it shows how relevant we still are to the show,” Vicki suggests.

Vicki says that this confirms her relevance “and how front and center we are in Shannon’s frantic mind for her to need to continue to bring us up.”

“While I could simply suggest she call Dr. Moon to calm her down or take another colonic,” she shades.

Vicki continues: “I’m going to address this since she decided to mention my name.”

Vicki recalled: “I was always there for Shannon and let’s not forget how even when she turned on me and was so blatantly nasty to me.”

“I still was there for her and was willing to let the past go when she finally got over being mad at me,” she continued.

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Vicki then added: “(which again was for something I had no involvement in but she decided to blame me for).”

According to Vicki: “She should be thanking me for even bringing this franchise about or she wouldn’t have a platform to be on.”

“But instead,” she laments, “she decides to do interviews where she denigrates and insults me still.”

“If Shannon really considered me a ‘close friend’ as she claims in this interview she did today,” Vicki asks, “where have the calls been since I announced I was no longer going to be on RHOC?”

“Shannon is a selfish, narcissistic, ego-driven person who only cares about herself,” Vicki declares.

She continues: “I am an independent, self-made woman who is able to afford to live a certain lifestyle and I love living in the country.”

“Others, like Shannon, want to ‘keep up,'” Vicki accuses, “but then had to downgrade their lifestyle once their husband stopped paying all the bills.”

“It’s downright pathetic and sets a horrid example for her daughters,” Vicki taunts.

She then remarks: “though I guess when your ex-husband forbids you from drinking around your daughters this can’t be the first bad example you’ve set for them.”

Vicki seems to be referring to David Beador’s unsuccessful attempt to legally bar Shannon from drinking while she had custody. The judge declined and then rebuked the attempt.

“I have no intention of returning to the show,” Vicki declares, “but rest assured that if I ever did, Shannon and I will have words.”

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