Who Are The Richest 90 Day Fiance Stars of All Time?

Larissa lima smells a red rose

90 Day Fiance is notorious for the unexpectedly low pay that it offers the cast.

Some of those who appear on the show go on to continue struggling as they always have.

Others are able to monetize their fame, using timing, luck, and name recognition to great success.

A few were even straight-up rich before they ever signed up to appear on television.

But which stars have made the most of their time on TLC and Discovery Plus?

Which stars are the richest of them all?

Without doing a deep dive into their finances, we can only rely upon believable rumors and online estimates.

They can be off, but that’s why we included context about the gains and losses that these cast members have experienced.

A few of these names may come as a surprise, especially when it comes to who has more than whom.

1. Larissa Lima

After she and Colt Johnson split, she was left with less than $50 to her name, showing screenshots of money being withdrawn from her account by her then-husband. Larissa had to stay with a friend, her entire life hanging in limbo and her future very uncertain.

2. Rumored Net Worth: $500k

While online estimates can be shady at best — more accurate for Kardashians and business moguls than for character actors or reality stars — Larissa has been raking in the money through OnlyFans and through Cameo, effectively monetizing her fame and her larger-than-life personality to fans.

3. Kenneth Niedermeier

Kenneth left his wonderful family behind to be with the love of his life, Armando Rubio, in Mexico. While his wedding was very nice and he paid for the condo where they reside with sweet little Hannah, how much money does he have?

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4. Rumored Net Worth: $500k

Kenneth’s rumored net worth is about the same as Larissa’s, though that is generally just speculation. It’s known that he sold his house when he moved, which would have brought in a few hundred grand. Because net worth includes more than just money in the bank, the condo and his car likely make up for a portion of that number.

5. Colt Johnson

Colt is actually one of the series’ most prolific stars, having appeared in romances with three different women — Larissa, Jess, and Vanessa — to say nothing of his role in his mother, Debbie’s, foray into the dating world.

6. Rumored Net Worth: $600k

Suffice it to say that he would have had to appear on many, many more seasons to rake in that kind of money from TLC. Instead, Colt has also worked as a software engineer in addition to monetizing his fame like many other stars — including his ex-wife.

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