Why Do the Caskets Have Bows? Art Director Clarifies

Workers in a pink and black jumpsuits move black coffins tied with pink bows in Squid Game.

The K-drama Squid Video game has turn out to be an incredibly popular Netflix series. In the present, dozens of determined people today agree to participate in children’s online games in the hopes of using dwelling an great cash prize. Nonetheless, there are lethal repercussions to losing the games. The demise toll enters the hundreds just after only the initial game. Viewers might have discovered that the masked personnel associates roll absent the bodies in caskets with bows tied all over them. Artwork director Chae Kyung-sunlight describes why this exclusive feature was chosen.

Squid Video game employees with coffins | Netflix/Youngkyu ParkWho died in ‘Squid Game’?

To begin with 456 players be a part of the deadly video games to compete for the prize dollars. The first activity, Red Light-weight, Environmentally friendly Mild, success in the demise of 255 gamers. Just after that, the remaining 201 players vote to depart the video game. Even so, all but 14 people today return to try to earn the prize cash.

Players continue on to die in Squid Game until eventually the 1 winner continues to be. Considering the 14 men and women who didn’t return for the games, that suggests the participant death rely was 441 individuals in complete.

Why do the caskets in the K-drama have bows?

Immediately after the 1st games, Squid Video game reveals how the bodies of the lifeless contestants are disposed of. They are positioned in black caskets tied with pink bows and burned in a enormous incinerator. Writer and director Hwang Dong-Hyuk mentioned in an interview with Netflix that the reference for the incinerators was taken from Auschwitz.

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Chae went on to reveal the ominous pink bows wrapped around the caskets in Squid Sport. “I think I targeted on the brain of the particular person who came up with the games,” she stated. “I imagined he’d assume he gave the contestants a prospect as if he’s a god. This is my reward to you. Even your bodies getting disposed in the incinerator is a exhibit of mercy. So I imagined, what if I place a ribbon on it?”

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Hwang also factors out that the black coffins wrapped with pink bows match the black and pink uniforms of all those jogging the games. One admirer from Korea pointed out on Reddit that the bright bows also match the little one-like themes of the activity.

“If you view Korean recreation shows they make almost everything glance adorable and joyful. I consider it was meant to in shape with the harmless and adorable childhood concept of the overall sport. The sets and uniforms are all primarily based on Korean educational facilities and childhood. The distinction of that with the graphic violence tends to make it all the extra disturbing and horrific.”

‘Squid Game’ is Netflix’s most important series at start

Squid Sport premiered on Netflix around the globe on Sept. 17.

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