11 successful retail brands that are backed by Y Combinator, one of the most competitive seed accelerators in the venture funding world


Y Combinator (YC) is a seed accelerator that provides seed funding and advice to startups. Some of the most successful, highly valued startups in the world are YC alumni.
Several consumer retail companies, including Soylent, Le Tote, Goldbelly, and Function of Beauty, count themselves as members in the prestigious group.
They provide a glimpse into the retail innovations that are about to explode onto the scene.

Seed accelerator Y Combinator (YC) has helped produce and support some of the most successful startups in the world today, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.

In addition to providing seed funding ($150,000), it works with founders to develop their ideas, make introductions to investors, and offer advice on everything from hiring to intellectual property issues.

Because of its record of proven success, many people in Silicon Valley keep a close eye on the startups being cultivated in YC. As consumers, you should, too, because they provide a glimpse into the tech, retail, education, and healthcare innovations that are about to explode onto the scene.

In consumer retail, YC is behind cool new services and products such as grocery delivery, clothing rental, personalized personal care, and smart-home goods. Learn about the companies below, some of which you might recognize.

YC funds startups in two batches per year, one in the winter and one in the summer. The startups below are ordered by their YC batch, starting from the earliest:


Shop for groceries online at Instacart

YC Batch: Summer 2012

Shopping for groceries is pain-free with Instacart, which delivers everything you need on your list from a favorite store near you. It offers exclusive deals to help you save on grocery essentials, and they’ll get to your doorstep on the same day you order. Instacart has raised nearly $2 billion in funding since its launch.


Shop Soylent at Amazon

YC Batch: Summer 2012

Soylent is the divisive protein- and mineral-packed drink that draws ire for being a pale imitation of a real meal, but also attracts an equally large base of loyal fans for being so convenient to drink. The meal replacers come in cacao, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. Aside from protein drinks, the company now also makes small, 100-calorie bars and protein powder.

Le Tote

Rent clothing at Le Tote

YC Batch: Summer 2013

Starting at just $79 a month, you can rent clothing and accessories from top brands and keep your closet continually updated. Through this increasingly popular method of updating your wardrobe, you’ll get one or two “totes” (depending on which plan you choose), and you get to wear the pieces as often as you’d like. Le Tote takes care of shipping and cleaning, too.


Shop gourmet food gifts at Goldbelly

YC Batch: Winter 2013

Geographic distance is no longer an excuse not to enjoy treats from your favorite city. Instead of stuffing your suitcase with Milk Bar cookies …read more

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