60,000 followers in 4 months: How the founder of ‘The Pilates Class’ quickly scaled using influencer and word-of-mouth marketing

Jacqui Kingswell

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Within four months of its launch, The Pilates Class (TPC) has amassed tens of thousands of subscribers, and a social media following of 60,000.

And its founder, trainer and former dancer Jacqui Kingswell, says an authentic influencer campaign is to thank. 

When the pandemic hit and the world pivoted online, Kingswell started teaching classes on Instagram Live to stay in touch with her regular clients and quickly realized this was the future of the industry. It would allow her to expand her reach from existing clients to anyone with a good internet connection.

“I never imagined TPC growing as much as it has even just within its first few months,” Kingswell said of her digital pilates platform’s rapid growth. To get here, Kingswell understood that marketing would be the most important part of her business plan. So she narrowed in on a few important tactics to get going. 

Start with a minimum viable product

Overnight, Kingswell used Squarespace to create a simple website with a subscription platform for her existing clients that would become the blueprint for TPC.

She also created a private Instagram account which only subscribers could follow. When she first launched, she hoped to get five subscribers sign up. And in her first night, she had 50.

Quickly after the class’s launch, a businesswoman and friend of Kingswell’s reached out to her with a proposition to partner. (Kingswell declined to name her partner.)

Fine-tune your brand’s aesthetic

“Once my business partner was on board, we immediately realized we needed to up our game to compete in what is a heavily saturated market,” she said. And they began to brainstorm how to share Kingswell’s particular teaching techniques with subscribers in the most user-friendly way.

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To sharpen her aesthetics and ensure the longevity of the brand, Kingswell invested in more polished, professional content. Now she has a stream of consistently updated video content that embodies a clean, contemporary, and warm aesthetic Kingswell strives for in her classes. 

“We create new content constantly, posting frequently on Instagram, releasing new videos weekly and creating challenges and live events that our subscribers can join in on,” she said, emphasizing TPC’s engagement with a diverse group of influencers and celebrities from around the world as an important factor in the platform’s growth.

Reach out to brands and influencers with a similar niche of customers

TPC doesn’t pay for endorsements, Kingswell said, so genuine, organic testimonials are an important part of the business. Kingswell believes a quality product is important marketing work because followers want to share their positive experience with the brand.

To draw even more people to the brand, Kingswell harnessed the power of influencers. It began with Monday Swimwear CEO and influencer Natasha Oakley, who Kingswell trained for a year prior to TPC’s launch. When the pandemic hit, Oakley became a TPC online user. She shared her experience with her followers, and Kingswell said that first influencer endorsement showed her the power of social media marketing.

Oakley and her business partner, Devin Brugman, have supported The Pilates Class from its early …read more

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