Best Identity Theft Protection Services and Software for Preventing Fraud and ID Theft


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The Best Identity Theft Protection Services and Software

Have you discovered suspicious activity on your credit report?

Or maybe you’re worried about the data breaches we often hear about?

Identity theft is a major issue that occurs when someone uses your personal information to pose as you and open credit cards, take out loans, and otherwise wreak havoc on your finances and credit.

All of the identity theft protection services below offer identity monitoring and protection against most types of identity theft.

Here is a quick look at some of the best services out there:

Best Identity Theft Protection Services: First Look

Best protection overall – LifeLock

Most efficient for credit monitoring – Identity Guard

Comes with the best value – IdentityIQ

Offers a ton of extra features – McAfee

Ideally suited for bigger families – IdentityForce

Best for employers – ID Watchdog

Top choice for Costco members – Complete ID

All these identity theft protection services exist to keep your identity secure and keep you protected even if your personal information is exposed.

Whether you’re just worried about your own identity or want to protect your entire family, choosing the right ID theft protection service can make all the difference!


Check out our top picks:

1. LifeLock – Best Identity Theft Protection Service Overall


Stolen funds reimbursement
Alerts for use of your name, Credit, SSN
401(k) and investment activity alerts
Norton 360 antivirus & VPN included
60-day money-back guarantee
24/7 support


Prices can increase each year

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LifeLock has been around for a long time, and its focus is on providing safety and security features for every aspect of life.

In 2017, Symantec purchased LifeLock, and since then, the company has offered the well-known Norton 360 suite of products in its main packages.

LifeLock offers ongoing protection and monitoring, eliminating the need to ever freeze your credit.

There is a direct connection between computer security and protecting your identity. LifeLock combines its own well-established identity protection services with the also well-established antivirus and digital security products of Norton.

LifeLock also monitors their customer’s bank accounts for suspicious activity and offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance to cover lawyers and experts on all their service plans.

Moreover, should your identity be compromised, LifeLock’s offers 24/7 customer phone support and their U.S.-based Restoration Department will make sure you receive fair compensation.

Pricing is comparable to most of the other services on this list. But LifeLock’s Family Plan can be a bit on the expensive side. That said, they offer their digital security products at even the lowest tier.

LifeLock is a great fit for customers who do a lot of work or business online is our #1 overall top choice. Plus, it includes a 60-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

What Their Customers Say

Negative reviews on TrustPilot are mostly about administrative issues. Nonetheless, LifeLock has received countless positive reviews on its site praising the speed at which alerts are issued for large or …read more

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