Bridge: Oct. 13, 2021

Another letter landed in my mailbox from the Society of Finessers, chastising me because declarers in my column deals never seem to win a finesse.

“Sir: We must again protest your disdain for the finesse, an honorable technique that works fully half the time — except in your columns.”

I suppose I must throw the Society a bone occasionally. In today’s deal, West leads the K-A and a third club against four hearts, and East ruffs and leads a diamond: queen, king, ace. South leads a trump to his queen and — good news, bad news — the finesse wins, but West discards.


South must finesse twice more in trumps and must also reach dummy to pitch his diamond loser on the high jack of clubs. He needs three dummy entries.

At Trick Six, South leads a spade to dummy’s ten — and the finesse wins! He finesses in trumps, returns a spade to the queen and finesses in trumps. South can then take the ace of trumps and go to the ace of spades to discard on the jack of clubs.


You hold: S J 9 6 3 H None D K J 10 9 5 C A K 6 4. Your partner opens one heart, you bid one spade, he rebids two hearts and you try 2NT. Partner then rebids three hearts. What do you say?

ANSWER: Your 2NT tried for game, and partner rejected. He has long hearts but a minimum hand. A pass is your disciplined action now. You might have bid two diamonds at your first turn, but if you planned not to force to game, to respond one spade was reasonable.

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South dealer

Both sides vulnerable


S A Q 10

H 5 4 2

D A 3 2

C J 5 3 2


S J 9 6 3

H None

D K J 10 9 5

C A K 6 4


S 8 5 2

H K 8 7 6 3

D 8 7 6

C 10 8


S K 7 4

H A Q J 10 9

D Q 4

C Q 9 7

South West North East
1 H Dbl Redbl Pass
Pass 2 D Pass Pass
2 H Pass 4 H All pass

Opening lead — C K

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