Bridge: Oct. 16, 2020

You’re serving on a grand jury, investigating the result of today’s deal. Decide whether to issue any true bills.

North-South got to six hearts. North’s jump to four hearts said his hand wasn’t totally hopeless. When West led the king of diamonds, South won, took the A-Q of trumps and tried the A-K and a third club, ruffing in dummy. When East discarded, South ruffed a diamond and drew trumps, but he had to lose a club and a spade.

What say you?


South can make the slam. He starts the clubs at Trick Two but discards a spade from dummy on the third club instead of ruffing. Say West shifts to a trump. South wins, ruffs a club high, takes the ace of spades and ruffs his last spade low. He can win the rest.

I might indict South for missing that good line of play, but West’s opening lead was criminal. North’s bidding showed a weak hand with heart support, maybe with club shortness, and West had club tricks to protect. If West leads a trump, the slam is unmakeable.


You hold: S J 9 5 2 H 5 3 D K Q J C Q 10 9 5. Your partner opens one diamond, the next player bids one heart and you double (negative). Your partner bids two spades. What do you say?

ANSWER: In this auction, partner’s call is not a strong “jump-shift.” He is “raising” the suit your double showed and may have a hand such as K Q 6 3, J 6 4, A 10 9 6, K 4. Pass. If he bid one spade, he would hold a hand such as K Q 6, 10 6 4, A 10 9 6, K J 3.

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South dealer

N-S vulnerable


S Q 3

H K 6 2

D 9 8 7 5 4 2

C 6 2


S J 9 5 2

H 5 3


C Q 10 9 5


S K 10 7 6 4

H 8 7 4

D 10 6 3

C 8 3


S A 8

H A Q J 10 9


C A K J 7 4

South West North East
2 C Pass 2 D Pass
2 H Pass 2 NT Pass
3 C Pass 4 H Pass
6 H All Pass

Opening lead — Choose it


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