Dear Abby: My guests offended me and I kicked them out. What do I do now?

DEAR ABBY: I hosted a dinner party at my home and invited three longtime friends. They had been drinking before they came over and showed up drunk.

Jeanne Phillips 

My husband and I were highly offended and told them to leave.

I’m extremely upset about this because I found it very disrespectful. How should I resolve the issue?


DEAR INCONSIDERATE: You and your husband were certainly within your rights to react as you did. Cross your fingers that your friends were able to return safely to their homes in the condition they were in.

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How you should resolve the issue depends upon whether this is the only time it happened. If they aren’t habitual problem drinkers and it was a one-time thing, be forgiving when they call to apologize. However, if you don’t hear from them, there will be nothing to resolve.

DEAR ABBY: I just found out my husband has been looking at escorts in the local area. I know he has watched porn, but that never bothered me. When I confronted him about seeing his search for escorts, he said he just clicked on a link that popped up on a porn site. (I have seen them, so I know it can happen.)

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However, I now know he created another email address and joined an escort review site. I can’t say anything to him because I snooped on his phone.

I’m heartbroken and want to believe him, but this is too much. Please help me.


DEAR NERVOUS: First things first. Call your doctor and make an appointment to be checked for STDs. Next, because you know your husband hasn’t been truthful, do more “snooping.” Learn everything you can about your family finances (if you don’t already know) — the debts and assets, credit card expenses, bank account numbers, etc.

Once you have that information and there will be no surprises, tell your husband you checked his phone and why you felt the need to do it. Do not allow him to make you feel guilty. Ask him what he is getting from escorts that he isn’t getting from you, and if the …read more

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