Dear Abby: Should I stay with a man who’s moving back home?

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been together for close to a year now. In the beginning, we were crazy about each other and everything was great.

Jeanne Phillips 

Our hometowns are two hours apart so, to make it work, he bought us a house right in between. It was an hour each way to our parents’ houses. I thought it was the perfect compromise. But now he’s telling me he isn’t happy here in our new town, and he needs to sell the house and move back home.

He says he still wants to be with me and that we are going to make it work, but I can’t help but be scared that this is gonna be the end of our relationship. Should I tough it out and see if we can actually make it work? Or do I call it quits and let go because maybe it is just not meant to be?


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DEAR MIXED UP: You left out one important fact in your letter to me. Why does your boyfriend need to sell the house you share and move back home?

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Is he so closely tied to his parents that being an hour away is too far? Is it work-related? Is he dissatisfied with your relationship? Ask him these questions because the answers will tell you what you can expect.

My advice is to let things play out a bit more before making any decision other than to put the house on the market.

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