“Glad she’s gone”: Los Gatos reels after mom arrested for drunken teen sex parties

Sitting poolside at a luxury apartment complex in Eagle, Idaho, over the summer, a mom introduced herself to a new neighbor, Shannon O’Connor, who had just moved with her two sons away from the Silicon Valley town of Los Gatos.

“She told me the kids at Los Gatos High would party so much and that the boys would have friends over and they would completely wipe out their alcohol,” Victoria Malykh said Wednesday. “She couldn’t put up with it anymore, and she brought them here to take them away from all of that.”

In hindsight, Malykh said, the conversation seems richly ironic. O’Connor is now facing 39 criminal charges, including 12 felony counts of child endangerment, for allegedly plying teens with alcohol, getting them drunk to the point of vomiting and encouraging them to have sex, whether the girls were conscious or not. News of O’Connor’s arrest swept through the campus Wednesday and among parents who had heard rumors about O’Connor — known to many of them as Shannon Bruga — but were horrified nonetheless.

“I’m shocked there are parents that will engage in that kind of behavior and incite it,” said Amy Rubin, picking up her son from school Wednesday. “It’s, frankly, disgusting.”

The arrest comes a year after a number of Los Gatos high school students started a #MeTooLosGatos movement, complaining about a rape culture at the school and staging a rally on campus. At the time, school officials said they could do little but contact local police about activities off campus, which they said they did in the O’Connor case when a parent complained.

  Los Gatos teen party scandal: Mom in South Bay jail, awaiting arraignment

O’Connor, 47, was arrested in Idaho. A message left on her cell phone Wednesday afternoon was not returned.

She and her husband, tech executive Robert Amaral, had put their $4.7 million home, with a sport court, hot tub and three car garage, on the market sometime last year and moved to Idaho where O’Connor and her sons — a 15-year-old who was on the Los Gatos High football team last year and a 13-year-old middle schooler — recently moved into a rental home while awaiting the sale of the Los Gatos home, Malykh said.

LOS GATOS, CA – OCTOBER 12: Shannon O’Connor’s house photographed in Los Gatos, Calif., on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. Shannon O’Connor, has been arrested and faces 39 criminal charges, induing felony and misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, sexual battery, child molestation, and misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors, according to authorities. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group) 

O’Connor, 47, was apparently known as “the cool mom” since the older son was in middle school and had raised eyebrows among some parents for her chumminess with her sons’ friends. But her behavior ratcheted up last summer as her eldest was entering his freshman year in high school.

“This woman was doing weird stuff, chatting up my son on Snapchat,” said one parent waiting Wednesday outside Los Gatos High. “We’re thankful our child had the sense to clue in to what was going on” and didn’t reply.

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