Justin Dickens: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Justin Dickens is a deathrow inmate who was convicted of capital murder in a robbery-homicide at 17 years old, and received the death penalty.

Dickens is featured in the third of episode of Netflix’s true crime docu-series “I Am a Killer,” which features a series of death row inmates to each speak about their crime convictions and experiences leading up to and following the events.

Dickens has never denied his responsibility in the murder he was convicted for, but maintains that there’s “more to the story”. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Dickens Grew Up With a ‘Rocky Childhood’, Born Two Months Early to a Cocaine-Addicted Mother

I Am a Killer: The Frustrating, Tragic Story Around Justin Dickens https://t.co/NTzyYbswX5 via @popsugaruk

— Ned Parker (@MrNedParker) August 10, 2018

Dickens said that his parents split up when he was twelve, and that after, he’d “run the streets” with his mom, who he described as a “homeless drug addict.”

“We’d commit petty thefts at stores, and we’d do drugs together,” Dickens said. Soon, Dickens found a pseudo-father figure within Dallas Moore, a local tattoo artist. “Being lost as a kid…I was just drawn to him, kind of brainwashed by him,” Dickens said.

Moore and his fiancé Martha, were addicted to drugs. At a cocaine party they hosted, Dickens said he didn’t want to try using a needle, but was eventually convinced to snort cocaine. A day or two after that, Dickens said, “Moore finally broke me down to try shooting cocaine. Once I shot the cocaine, we never snorted again.”

2. Dickens Fell Into Trouble When He & Martha Used an Ounce of Moore’s Cocaine Without Asking

@MichaelAvenatti @Innocence – this case deserves attention and a referral to an organization that can help. Justin Dickens was sentenced to die, commuted to life only because of his juvenile status, for manslaughter. The case for intent is as flimsy and as perverted as it gets. https://t.co/ErISPyuJvj

— Dr. TJ Eckleburg (@PebbleShiny) August 10, 2018

When Dickens was 17 years old, three years into knowing Moore, he and Martha used some of Moore’s cocaine while he was sleeping. “When I was 17, we was partying for about a week straight and Dallas passed out,” Dickens said. “Martha went into his pocket and took an ounce of his cocaine…she alone used a bunch of it, and before the sun came up, she was in a panic.”

Martha asked Dickens to help her find the money to pay Moore back. Dickens added, “When you’re a drug addict, all you think about is drugs. The repercussions of whatever it is are out of sight. You don’t think about that.”

Because Martha and Dickens had used up the cocaine, Moore came after them “with a pistol.”

“I woke up with a knife to my throat,” Dickens said. “[Moore and a local drug addict] were talking about how they were going to kill me.”

Moore began to beat Dickens up, and then made Dickens follow him back to his house. “He pretty much blamed …read more

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