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Congress should expand
disabled vets program

Congress should amend the Worldwide Space Available Travel program on military aircraft regarding eligibility for 100% disabled military veterans and dependents.

Congress approving the expansion of the benefit to full privilege of travel worldwide would add no additional cost to the DOD. I believe the government should grant the full privilege of worldwide travel on Space A flights to this small group of veterans.

Many in this group of select veterans bear the scars of wars, conflicts and everyday military life and are on a limited, fixed income. Many are unable to ever obtain gainful employment again in their life because of their injuries, many of of which are invisible injuries.

Harvey Porter

Proposed S.J. landmark
bad choice for wildlife

When other major cities are working to cut down on nighttime light pollution, San Jose has plans to move in the opposite direction by erecting a 20-story-tall illuminated sculpture at the confluence of the Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek in downtown San Jose (“Landmark design has been chosen; what’s next?” Page B1, March 28).

The design of the proposed sculpture needs to be one that is responsive to and enhances the natural environment. It should not be a brightly lit magnet that will lure many birds to their demise.

San Jose touts itself as an enlightened, environmentally aware city. A sculpture of this magnitude with its deathly side effects does not fit that image.

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Elaine Gould
San Jose

Solar project is wrong
scale in wrong place

Huge projects of solar in remote areas are inefficient because of losses entailed in the transmission of power to the point of use.

Solar projects (“Alameda County delays vote on solar panel project proposal,” Page B5, May 2) should never be placed over useful vacant land. Solar installations over parking lots create mini-solar farms that make dual use of the land, and the shade also protects cars from the sun. Additionally, they are in areas near power consumption, which is good engineering practice.

Every sizable parking lot should have solar panels. Also, there are millions of acres of rooftops for micro-solar projects, and the buildings below use the energy as well as feed the grid.

I agree with Save Livermore Valley and the other groups that the proposed project be vacated. It’s a bad idea.

Dave Sargent
San Jose

A year before election,
California recall is a waste

It is a total waste of taxpayers’ money to spend $400 million on a recall election (“Newsom’s recall to cost $400M,” Page A1, May 2).

The same thing will be accomplished by waiting until the 2022 election in which those dissatisfied with Gavin Newsom can vote in his replacement, or affirm his leadership during this difficult time and re-elect him.

Rosemary Everett

San Jose must change
mental health response

Mental health matters and should be treated with professional mental health workers, not law enforcement. It has been reported that law enforcement typically responds to nonviolent calls around quality of life issues such as homelessness, mental health disorders or …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment

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