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Dannhaus the director
Oakland schools need

Austin Dannhaus is a school leader, lifelong public education advocate and the school board director that our families in North Oakland need.

With experience as a K-12 teacher, education policy advocate, organizer and business leader, he understands that Oakland deserves a school system that reflects who we are and puts our values to work ensuring every child receives a great education.

As the father of two young black children, I trust that Austin has one goal — to provide excellent outcomes for all of Oakland’s students with an educational equity lens. He’ll work to bridge the divides that have allowed politics to get in the way of our children’s futures. Join me in voting for Austin Dannhaus for District 1 School Board.

Reggie Lee

Prop. R will help
Orinda fire safety

It was in the Oakland hills in 1991 that a fire destroyed more than 3,000 homes and killed 25 people. The Orinda BART parking lot was full of fire engines from all over the Bay Area. Power lines were arcing, there were embers causing small fires.

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A fire went up a hill, turned left and burnt itself out. If it went right, it would have come down on homes. As this was going on, a fire started on Brookwood Road. Residents put it out with shovels. Police came to our home and told us to be ready for an evacuation order. Thankfully the order never came.

For fire safety, I am voting yes for Orinda’s Proposition R.

Joe Fitzpatrick

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