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Not providing parking
hurts vulnerable residents

The new measure that allows developers to build without parking requirements is extremely prejudicial against low-income individuals and especially those who have difficulties using a bike or walking.

Statistically, 75% of those living in affordable housing are women evenly split between three groups: Families with school-age children Seniors 62 years and older Non-Seniors with disabilities

Most low-income individuals work manual labor jobs and cannot work virtually.

Health and safety issues are paramount concerns. Imagine these fragile individuals and children walking during heat waves or storms and at night where they’re vulnerable to violent crimes.

I encourage the developers who idyllically wish to, “spur residents to ditch their cars and hop onto a bus or train, ride a bicycle or even walk” to lead by example. Ditch all your fancy cars and hop on a bus. Not for fun, for your livelihood. Let me know how that goes.

Darlene Tenes
San Jose

Stop PG&E from hiking
cost of solar hookup

I have lived in California my whole life, and we all know that our summers can get hot. However, growing up, I had solar panels on my house, so that hot California sun was actually helping my family save money on our electricity bills and helping to combat climate change. My story is like many Californians, but sadly it can all change this coming January.

Big utility companies like PG&E are trying to double the price of solar in California, and what is worse is they are going behind Californians’ backs to do it. They are trying to lobby the California Public Utilities Commission to get this passed without our say-so. With the support of the governor, we can save California solar. We need to make renewable energy more accessible, not unaffordable. This can help us all combat climate change, save money on our energy bills, and increase financial equity.

  Palo Alto: Anti-Black epithets on parking garage investigated as hate crime

Grace Barbieri
San Jose

PG&E takeover could
put taxpayers in hot seat

Imagine you smell gas in your house. It would be expensive to have it fixed so you ignore it. The smell gets stronger every year but still, you do nothing. Eventually, the now explosive gas/air mixture reaches the water heater so the house burns down. What do you do? Sue the maker of the water heater of course, although any number of other things would have eventually caused ignition.

This is where we are concerning wildfire and PG&E. If the state takes over the power company, the “defendant” chair is no longer for a PG&E executive; instead, it is for us taxpayers.

I am certainly no forestry expert, but it seems to me regular prescribed burns are the only effective tools we have. After all it is nature’s way of cleaning up the underbrush to protect big trees.

Dan Greenbank
San Jose

Now that we’re out, let’s
stay out of Afghanistan

Now that we are out of Afghanistan, I can only hope the long-term plan is to stay out.

The idea of “maybe” working with the Taliban to establish an …read more

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