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Consider city finances
in Sunnyvale votes

Due to the current economic slowdown, the Sunnyvale Finance Department is projecting a decrease in city revenue for the next four years. Yet, Sunnyvale is planning to move forward on a $280 million renovation of the Civic Center. After including interest on the loan, the total cost could exceed $350 million. This is a terrible time to be risking such an expensive project.

Most City Council candidates seem to think this project is already a done deal. Only one candidate for mayor, Michael Goldman, and one candidate for City Council, Joshua Grossman, are willing to challenge this palatial project and the exorbitant costs.

Sunnyvale voters must consider the financial burden of the Civic Center renovation when voting for Sunnyvale mayor and City Council candidates.

Andy Frazer

Electric cars not just clean,
they are also fun to drive

I read with interest and delight the article praising Gov. Newsom’s announcement that beginning in 2035, all new cars sold in California must be emission-free.

The author of the article makes a number of good points regarding how this executive order will help us move as nation toward a cleaner future, but she forgot to mention how much fun electric cars are to drive! The torque, for those who like quick start-up speeds or powering up a steep hill, is exhilarating, the lack of engine noise is great, and the maintenance (or the lack thereof) is astounding.

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I have had my EV for almost four years; during that time the only need for maintenance has been tire rotation. Period. Even if climate change and dirty air weren’t problems, I would never go back to a gasoline-powered automobile.

Carol Cross
Redwood City

Vote for experience;
vote for Dave Cortese

Dave Cortese is the right choice for California Senate District 15.

A native resident of Santa Clara County, Dave has shown that he knows how to identify problems, propose solutions, and drive results. He is an effective and broad coalition builder, a skill much needed in Sacramento. Building on his comprehensive experience in public service, he will represent urban, suburban, and rural concerns in equal measure.

I am proud to support Dave Cortese for state Senator and urge you to do the same.

Ron Hansen
San Jose

Vote for Wei, Fruen
for Cupertino council

I’m a former Cupertino mayor and high-tech CEO, and I’ve lived in Cupertino for 37 years. I’m strongly endorsing Hung Wei and JR Fruen for our council.

Their competitors have had a chance to help our city and have accomplished nothing. Hung and JR will get us back on track to improving life for our residents. Vote for Hung and JR.

Richard Lowenthal
Former Cupertino mayor

JP Morgan Chase is
leading on climate policy

In a recent press release, mega-bank JP Morgan Chase, which for years has topped the list of investors in climate-busting fossil fuel ventures, announced that it is aligning its financing operations to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. There could hardly be bigger news, and the bank deserves recognition for …read more

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