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Prop. 14 essential
to continue research

Re. “More Funds sought for stem-cell research,” Oct. 11 :

California will lose a great deal if we do not approve Proposition 14, to renew the California stem cell program.

Five billion is a lot, no question.

But consider the astonishing cost of chronic disease, roughly $3 trillion dollars annually, according to the CDC. Diabetes alone cost America $249 billion last year — 50 times the cost of the stem cell program — and that is just one year!

My bout with cancer would have cost me $990,000 had I not had excellent insurance. We need to cure disease, not endlessly endure it.

More important than cash, of course, is the fight to save lives. My wife died of pancreatic cancer — one of the diseases the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is trying to cure.

Do you (or does someone you love) have one or more chronic diseases? If so (and roughly 50% of Americans do) do you want to cut off California’s research for a cure?

Don Reed

Reese offers unique
views to Walnut Creek

I have known Kurtis Reese and his family for almost 15 years. Kurtis is intelligent, honest and a dedicated family man.

Kurtis has chosen to run for a position on the Walnut Creek City Council not because he has political aspirations, but rather to make a difference in our city, to give a much needed fresh perspective and to confront the systemic bias in our city.

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Now more than ever our city’s decision-makers need to include members with different experiences and perspectives. Kurtis brings a unique viewpoint that the other candidates can’t. Kurtis listens and learns and is respectful of all viewpoints.

Kurtis is the leader and the change we need in Walnut Creek and that is why I am voting for him for Walnut Creek City Council.

Jenny Crepeau
Walnut Creek

Brown committed
to preserving Pleasanton

Other mayoral candidates may claim to be against rampant growth but the voting record against slow and smart growth speaks for itself.

Over the past 8 years as a council member or vice mayor of Pleasanton, Karla Brown has been waiting on the planning of the East Side until accurate regional housing numbers come forward. This is the most prudent and thoughtful approach. Approving a large-scale development of million-dollar-plus homes is not a realistic solution for creating state-mandated affordable housing in Pleasanton.

Karla’s record on slow and smart growth planning is a testament to her commitment to preserving our quality of life. In short, Karla is the best candidate to protect our town from sprawl.

Find out the facts, follow the campaign funding and ignore the spin. Karla has demonstrated that she has a proven record of voting for slow and smart growth. She is the real deal.

Brian Pullen

Supervisor insensitive
to tragedy of DUIs

I am addressing the appalling statements attributed to San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Canepa (“ICE arrests in Los Angeles, Bay Area anger local officials”, Oct. 9). A Guatemalan man was arrested in …read more

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