Los Gatos woman charged with running secret teen parties filled with booze and sex

LOS GATOS — A South Bay woman has been charged criminally with hosting a series of illegal parties for her son and his friends, allegedly supplying alcohol and watching them binge drink to dangerous levels with teen girls and pressuring or manipulating them into having sex.

Shannon Bruga (Ada County Sheriff’s Office) 

Shannon Bruga, who is also known as Shannon O’Connor, is awaiting extradition to Santa Clara County after she was arrested Saturday in Ada County, Idaho, where she is believed to have a home in addition to her residence in Los Gatos. She has multiple listed aliases, but she is known in Los Gatos as Shannon Bruga.

She faces 39 criminal charges, including felony child abuse, sexual assault, and providing alcohol to minors.

According to an investigative outline accompanying a criminal complaint, the 47-year-old Bruga is characterized as being obsessed with using text messages and Snapchat to coordinate and organize secret booze-filled parties attended by as many as 20 teens, where she was the lone adult and where she often pushed them into drinking to a point of illness or unconsciousness.

A prevailing element of the parties, as the teens reportedly told investigators, was that Bruga encouraged the teens to have sex or engage in sex acts, with the children in various states of inebriation suggesting that often the sexual interactions were not consensual. Some of the teens who were described as initiating sexual activity said they could not recall it, because of their level of intoxication, according to investigators.

Bruga was also adamant that the teens who attended these parties keep them secret from others including their classmates at Los Gatos High School, where her son attends, according to investigators. She also allegedly went to great lengths to conceal the parties from her husband, longtime tech manager and executive Robert Amaral, who is currently the chief revenue officer of SlashNext, a Pleasanton-based firm specializing in anti-phishing and anti-fraud software.

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The toll of the parties — which spanned from June 2020 to May 2021, including at least a half-dozen large parties and several smaller gatherings — was extensive, as alleged in the court documents. Several teens reported drinking to the point of heavy vomiting, and the intoxication was to a level where one teen broke a finger. Investigators say one boy was given alcohol by Bruga despite her knowing that he had a pending surgery for a digestive disorder.

There is also an account alleging that on Dec. 19, Bruga drove her son and two of his friends in her SUV while they drank alcohol, and allowed at least one of them to drive, unlicensed in the parking lot of Los Gatos High. At one point her son and his friend hung off the back of the vehicle while it was moving, and the friend fell and hit his head, falling unconscious for up to 30 seconds.

That moment was when the alleged scheme was almost exposed, after someone saw the aftermath of the fall and called 911, prompting a police officer to catch up to them at …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Entertainment


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