Louisville Cardinals Cheerleader’s Nose Broken by Football in Bad Pass from Notre Dame Quarterback

A Louisville Cardinals cheerleader got more involved in the team’s Monday night game than she probably would have liked.

During the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Cardinals’ match, the Irish’s quarterback Ian Book threw a long pass that hit the cheerleader square in the nose.

Instead of taking a sack, Fighting Irish Wire reported, Book had tried to throw the ball away. The bad aim, however, lead to the cheerleader being caught off guard by the pass as she was watching the game from the sidelines with her squad.

The football flew directly into the cheerleader’s face, causing her to quickly run off the field to tend to her injuries.

Video of the accident quickly made its way to social media, getting many shares and comments — including a response from the cheerleader, herself.

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“My broken nose is twitter trending huh,” wrote the Louisville Ladybird cheerleader named Liz, after first tweeting “Thank u Ian Book” and “Well my nose is crooked but I’ll always have a good story to tell.”

My broken nose is twitter trending huh

— Liz (@Elizabethsc0tt) September 3, 2019


Liz also tried to lighten the mood with a Spongebob Squarepants meme, writing, “Me throwing my poms down and walking away after I got hit tonight.”

Me throwing my poms down and walking away after I got hit tonight pic.twitter.com/ViwnQaj5AU

— Liz (@Elizabethsc0tt) September 3, 2019


“I guess you don’t have the Luck of the Irish!” one user joked at the event.

“Most accurate pass Ian Book threw all night,” wrote another.
“Ian Book: 13-22, 159 yards, 1 TD, and 1 cheerleader hit,” wrote Barstool Sports, tallying Book’s totals of the night.
The Cardinals luck did not pick up after the incident, ultimately falling to the Fighting Irish 35-17. …read more

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