Martha Stewart Partners with Uber for New Luxury Features After Her ‘Disaster’ Experience with the App

If there’s one thing Martha Stewart is good at, it’s making a house feel like home. Now, she’s doing the same for Uber.

The ride-sharing app has teamed up with the lifestyle media maven to collaborate on the relaunch of UberBlack—a fancier-than-normal Uber experience with new and improved features for riders. The partnership comes on the heels of Stewart’s infamously terrible first Uber ride in November 2018, in which she posted on Instagram about ordering the “most expensive version” of the ride-sharing app, but finding it “a mess inside and out.”

Knowing that Stewart is the hands-down queen of domesticity, it only made sense that Uber would enlist her help to perfect the relaunch and make amends. Hitting your app May 15, the new UberBlack has a variety of features aimed to make your ride more enjoyable. These include ensuring car models are no more than five years old and have a black exterior and interior, only employing drivers with a minimum rating of 4.85, giving riders more time to get out of the house by having drivers wait up to 15 minutes, and giving riders the chance to choose their preferences for temperature, luggage and conversation vs. silent mode.

PEOPLE caught up with Stewart to discuss the luxurious new service, her favorite hot spots these days, and what she posts on Instagram along the way. Ride Read on.

PEOPLE: So, we all know your first Uber was notoriously not so perfect. What went so wrong?

Martha Stewart: Oh, I know, it was such a disaster the first one. But there were many reasons for that I found out during the ride, from the driver himself. His car had broken down and he had a borrowed car—a borrowed car that seemed like it had been buried in a leaf pile for a month or so! It was so bad.

Yikes, that’s unfortunate!

MS: Yeah. And he didn’t know who I was until like halfway through the ride—he was so embarrassed. But as I said in my Instagram, I’m a big fan of any new technology if it’s useful and offers a good service. And Uber is one of those kinds of services that should be and can be just the most fabulous kind of service, so, I’m very excited that they’ve taken to heart the necessity of having special features that will make our rides even better. I’m also very excited that they’re going public and growing up. It’s a big company.

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What’s the new feature you’re most excited about using?

MS: Well, all of it! I have my own kind of Uber Black—my own Suburban car that we fill all the time—but it’s often doing errands, so I take an Uber when I can’t use my own car. And my kind of work means I’m constantly lugging stuff, so having a luggage feature, especially one where the driver will actually help pack the back, is very, …read more

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