Miss Manners: I’m nervous about telling her she’s not allowed in my house anymore

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have a good friend who has always had some strange beliefs about medical issues: She won’t take any Western medicine, relies on “alternative” treatments and consults a “medical psychic.”

We are pretty sure she had COVID last year. She has told me she has no intention of taking the COVID vaccine and is going to rely on her “own healthy immune system” to fight the virus.

Doctors are saying people might get the new strains of the virus even if they already had the old strain. How do I tactfully tell my friend I will not be wanting to see her in person as much as I used to, and will not go to her house or invite her to mine?

She is about 12 years younger than me. I feel like I need to protect myself a little more than when I was younger. She also has a bit of a temper, so I’m nervous about approaching the subject with her.

GENTLE READER: And it sounds as if it would be pretty useless to do so.

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It is also unnecessary. You do not need to build a case about why you decline, or do not issue, invitations. “Thank you, but I’m not going out yet,” and — if she is so bold as to invite herself — “I’ll let you know when that is possible” are sufficient responses.

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: During the pandemic, I have encountered serious health, financial and legal troubles. I have always been there for family and friends, but when I needed their emotional support, most of them abandoned me.

I now know who my family and friends really are. As restrictions are lifted, I will see them at various events. I want to take the high road, but what can I say to let them know I want nothing to do with them because of their poor treatment of me and my situation?

GENTLE READER: Please don’t do this. Miss Manners understands that you have had a rough time, but so have countless others — perhaps some of those people you feel let you down.

Loss of income, job frustrations, isolation …read more

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