Photos: Fans pay tribute to Bob Saget at the ‘Full House’ Victorian in San Francisco

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The theme song from the hit ABC sitcom “Full House,” which aired from 1987 through 1995, tells us that “Everywhere you look, there’s a heart, a hand to hold on to.” Lately, though, it seems that everywhere you look, there’s bad news to be had, like the sudden and unexpected January 9th passing of Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner on the popular show. As reports of his death ripped across social media, fans, friends and former co-stars expressed sadness and utter shock over the devastating loss.

Famous for a plethora of big and small screen roles (including voicing a grown-up Ted Mosby on “How I Met Your Mother”), as well as a rather raunchy stand-up routine, Saget will undoubtedly best be remembered as the Tanner family’s good-natured patriarch. Though incredibly, while the part was conceived with him in mind, he was not actually the first actor cast as the beloved television dad. “Full House” creator/executive producer Jeff Franklin explained on Instagram, “I wrote the role of Danny Tanner for my friend, Bob Saget. The character was kind, genuine, neurotic, a bit nerdy, a hugger with a heart of gold, and endearingly funny. That was Bob.” But when it came time to shoot the pilot in early 1987, scheduling conflicts prevented the comedian from signing on. So actor John Posey was hired instead. The pilot (which never aired, but portions of which can be viewed on YouTube) was then filmed, shopped around and ultimately acquired by ABC. As fate would have it, Saget’s schedule had opened up by that time, resulting in the network booting Posey, replacing him with Bob and reshooting the pilot. The rest is TV history!

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One “Full House” role that was secured right from the start? The handsome San Francisco Victorian that portrayed the Tanner residence on the series. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Franklin “handpicked” the three-story Italianate-style property in early 1987 “after a location manager visited San Francisco to select options.” He told the outlet, “I wanted the family to live in one of those classic Victorian homes. For some reason, that one jumped out at me. There were lots of candidates but that was the winner.”

Though it is often erroneously reported that the Tanners reside in one of SF’s famed Painted Ladies, those structures only appear in the series’ opening credits as the family picnics in nearby Alamo Square. The actual dwelling featured on the show …read more

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