Photos show an abandoned JFK airport terminal’s transformation from a futuristic, 1960s icon into a new luxury hotel that sits right on the runway

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JFK Airport’s long-abandoned Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight Center in New York has been transformed into a luxury hotel, complete with over 500 rooms, starting at $249 a night.
The TWA Hotel had a soft opening on May 15, 2019. The project includes countless amenities like restaurants, bars, shopping, and a rooftop infinity pool.
The budget to transform the TWA terminal amounted to $265 million, making it perhaps one of the most expensive airport hotels in the world.
But the terminal’s past life is significant in its own right.
The TWA Terminal was built in 1962 and has long been associated with the golden age of flying, known as the “Jet Age,” when Trans World Airlines was one of the most iconic airlines in the world and the jet engine was revolutionizing how Americans traveled.
Here’s a look at the terminal in its heyday.
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Today, the Trans World Airlines terminal just outside John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, is now part of the $265 million TWA Hotel project.

Before construction on the hotel project began, the terminal sat vacant and abandoned for 18 years.

Source: Business Insider

But in its mid-century heyday, the TWA Flight Center was known as the “Grand Central of the Jet Age” for its status as the epicenter of the golden age of air travel.

Source: Atlas Obscura

It served as a loading dock for Trans World Airlines, which was one of the most iconic airlines of the 20th century along with Pan American World Airways.

Source: Investopedia

The terminal was built in 1962 during the Jet Age, a period when the introduction of the jet engine to both military and commercial air travel meant that planes became bigger, faster, and cheaper to manufacture.

Source: Britannica and Fortune

The jet engine impacted commercial aviation specifically, ensuring that air travel was no longer a luxury for only the upper class.

Source: Britannica

The construction of the TWA Terminal helped the Jet Age expand around the world — and established New York as a forerunner of the aviation era.

Source: Fortune

in 1963, the New York Jets football team even changed its name from the Titans of New York to reflect the city’s role in the revolutionary Jet Age.

Source: Fortune and The New York Jets

The terminal’s designer, renowned Finnish-born architect Eero Saarinen, wanted his neo-futuristic structure to mirror the shape of a bird with its wings spread.

Source: Vogue

Inside, the terminal is known for its cavernous arched white ceilings, winding staircases, and mid-century mod style.

Source: Vogue

“We wanted the architecture to reveal the terminal not as a static, enclosed place,” Saarinen said in a lecture in 1959, “but as a place of movement and transition.”

Source: Places Journal

Glass walls lean away from the building, “as if intended for viewers to imagine …read more

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