‘Pokemon Go’ raises level cap to 50 and shifts to branded seasons in major update

In a year that has seen plenty of “Pokemon Go” changes, Niantic is throwing out one more thing. The team confirmed in July that a level cap increase would be coming in, and today, the developers detailed the plan along with revamp of its content plans in the form of Go Beyond update.

Unlike the Mega Evolution roll out, the jump to level 50 appears to be more conventional. To go beyond the current cap starting the week of Nov. 30, players will need to acquire more experience points and complete more difficult quests. Players who have kept up with the game will be credited for the experience points and that leaves the missions to do.

What kind of tasks are on tap? From what I saw and what Matt Ein, senior game designer, discussed at Zoom meeting, players should expect quests such as completing 30 battles in Ultra League or evolving every current form of Eevee. If players have already done some of these things, they’ll have to do them again for the quests. Players will even have to earn new Platinum Badges as part of some quests.

Here is a profile screen of a player above level 40 in “Pokemon Go.” (Niantic)

Here examples of quests that players are asked to do to achieve a level above 40 in “Pokemon Go.” (Niantic)

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Niantic reimagines a classic load screen to mark its large update ever in “Pokemon Go.” (Niantic)

“Pokemon Go” will raise its level cap in its biggest update ever. (Niantic)

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“Pokemon Go” will raise its level cap in its biggest update ever. (Niantic)

“Pokemon Go’s” biggest update ever will also include major changes to how it distributes content.

Trainers will have new buddies to take around in “Pokemon Go.” (Niantic)

“Pokemon Go” will raise its level cap in its biggest update ever. (Niantic)

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When it comes to leveling up Pokemon beyond level 40, it’s a little more complicated. Niantic is introducing Candy XL, which is needed to push a pocket monster above the cap. It looks to be a work-intensive resource that can be acquired by catching pocket monsters or by converting regular candy to Candy XL. For common creatures such as Pidgey or Eevee, powering them up could be an easy task. Legendaries will be another story because players may need a lot of regular candy to convert them to Candy XL. Additionally, there’ll be other ways to obtain Candy XL so be on the look out. Interestingly enough, players who aren’t level 40 can power up their Pokemon above the cap.

This move will push players to do more raids or gather more rare candy so that players can let those powerful mons hit their potential. Ein said, “As you power up Pokemon, it gets closer to its CPM value.” In layman’s terms, CPM stands for combat power multiplayer and the higher a level, …read more

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