Shayna Saide, Shia LaBeouf’s Mother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Actor Shia LaBeouf has opened up to the press about his struggle with PTSD after the alleged sexual assault of his mother, Shayna Saide, as reported by Saide is often featured in photos of LaBeouf, often walking hand-in-hand or embracing her 31-year-old son. Saide, a visual artist, raised LaBeouf as a single mother, and has remained a constant presence in LaBeouf’s life into adulthood. LaBeouf has been photographed multiple times at events promoting Saide’s artwork to lend support to his mother.

LaBeouf, who has enjoyed a successful but troubled career in Hollywood since his start as a child actor, has publicly struggled with alcoholism and anger, resulting in the actor’s multiple arrests and other legal troubles. Additionally, videos of LaBeouf engaged in explosive fights with several of his former girlfriends and his current wife, Mia Goth, have been released by the paparazzi and circulated on the internet. LaBeouf reportedly is

Recently, LaBeouf became the subject of controversy once again in 2017, as he reportedly went on a racist rant directed toward police officers in Georgia, LA Times reports. LaBeouf has since attributed his outburst to emotional trauma he suffered as a result of Saide’s alleged rape, according to USA Today.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Brooklyn-based Saide Supports Herself a By Working As a Visual Artist

Saide, who also goes by Shayna Saide LaBeouf, describes herself as follows on her official website, Shayna’s World, “LaBeouf was born on the Lower East Side of New York. The daughter of artist, performer, and barber, Shia Saide from Bialystok, Poland and Malki Rosen from a Russian Jewish family. A rebel and explorer, she made friends in all quarters in the multi-ethnic melting pot and attended the Henry Street Settlement cultural center that offered classes in the arts. Her family summered in the Catskills where she was allowed to roam freely in the forest and revel in the beauty and mystery of nature. In the city, she found a similar refuge in the church of St. Mary’s. While showing promise in all the arts, she made a career in modern and jazz dance. She toured the U.S. and Europe and formed a duo with a male dance partner; they performed as an opening act for Dizzy Gillepsie and Sarah Vaughan and many other performers.”

As a result of her son’s massive success as he transitioned from being a child actor into adulthood, starring in everything from obscure, indie art pieces to Spielberg-produced Hollywood blockbusters, Saide has been able to fully focus on her art, and no longer struggles to support herself. She has her own gallery today and no longer has to worry about how she is going to be able to put food on the table. However, that was not always the case for Saide, as explained in more detail below.

Most recently, Saide worked as a barber in Brooklyn while exploring her more artistic endeavors on the side. Her official biography focuses on Saide’s bohemian, unconventional …read more

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