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Instagram has evolved into much than what it was supposed to be for. It started with a  simple image sharing platform. However, with the passage of time, it has transformed into countless things. From digital marketing platform to becoming a news channel, there is a lot that Instagram is used for.

Sports news on Instagram can be accessed as well. Sports is a niche which is particularly relevant to Instagram. This article will guide you over different aspects of sports news on Instagram.


State of social media in sports industry

The sports industry has been majorly impacted as a result of social media, Instagram in particular. For example, the miniseries of Michael Jordan called “The Last Dance” received over 1.5 million tweets. The final episode of WWE received over 13.8 million engagements. These are statistics that show that social media has been impactful on the sports industry.

From football to basketball and hockey to cricket, each and every sport has been impacted in terms of its popularity due to the advent of social media.

How are the fans using Instagram?

As mentioned above, fans have been using Instagram in a very positive and persistent way. A lot of polls have been conducted to determine the behaviors of sports fans and how they get to know the updates regarding sports.

Less than half of the fans said that they discover about sports through news channels. However, most of the fans were of the view that they prefer following news channels and sports celebs on Instagram. This is how they get to know about the updates.

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Instagram is also a place wherein the fans get more excited about the sports. It is also a place where the fans can track their favorite players, irrespective of the sport. Most of the fans enjoy watching selfies of the professionals while they are at sporting events or during their training sessions.

Best sports news publisher on Instagram

Sports news channels and publishers are also present on Instagram. These channels also contact with social media agencies to purchase followers in order to increase their online visibility. Such agencies include Famoid.

Nevertheless, following are some of the best sports channels and publishers that you can follow:

1. BT Sports

This is a UK based channel which is perhaps the most popular of all. It essentially focuses on football. It has rights to broadcast football on TV. One of the best things about this platform is that it posts a lot. They includes everything on their page. From images and videos, a lot of content is being posted. There are over 800k followers on this channel.

2. TalkSport

This sports news channel has around 263k followers. It has one of the ugliest feeds on Instagram, however, has still managed to get a lot of following. The strategy of this platform is that it always post Tweets in the wrong manner and on the wrong platform. However, it does work. There is a lot that you can learn from this channel.

3. Reuters Sport

This is not a published which is …read more

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