‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tonight, CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery is ending far, far too soon. After 15 stellar episodes, the season is wrapping up. And now fans are already wanting to know just how long they’ll have to wait to see Season 2. Well, there’s good news to start. Discovery has been renewed for a second season, so this definitely isn’t the end for the new Star Trek series. And the show has some more surprises in store for fans, too, including a brand-new overarching theme for the next season and more points that canon-loving fans are going to enjoy seeing. Some of your favorite characters will also be returning. Here’s everything we know so far about the second season of Discovery. Warning: This post has spoilers for some key parts of Star Trek: Discovery that occurred before the Season 1 finale.

1. Star Trek: Discovery Will Return in Early 2019

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In October, it was announced that Star Trek: Discovery was renewed for a second season. But sadly, it’s going to be a while before Star Trek: Discovery returns. We won’t see it again until 2019. Alex Kurtzman, executive producer, said when Season 1 premiered that he hoped Season 2 would return in the early part of 2019.

We don’t know how many episodes we’ll have, but fans are hoping for a longer season that lasts beyond the 15 episodes of Season 1. But a lot goes into making these episodes. Each one can take three to four months, counting production and VFX.

Originally, Discovery was imagined as an anthology series with each season being self-contained and completely different. Season 1 would be a prequel and each season would continue through the eras of different series (Voyager, TNG, Deep Space Nine), and then beyond. But that idea was abandoned a long time ago. Bryan Fuller, who envisioned the anthology idea, eventually stepped down because of disagreements with CBS over budgets, production schedule, and crew.

2. Work Has Already Started on Season 2, Which Might Include More Andorians and Tellarites

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Work on Season 2 has already started. In November, the cast shared that work on developing the second season was starting in just a couple weeks. And now we know that the writing staff went officially back to work in December. As of January, they had sent an outline of the premiere to the producers and were three episodes into development, SlashFilm reported. During a panel in the UK with actors and crew, Aaron Harberts revealed that each season of the show will be treated as a novel. Season 1’s novel was about war and the Klingons, but Season 2 won’t be.

We also know that we might see some more Andorians and Tellarites in Season 2, which fans are excited about. (Some fans are really hoping they’ll bring back Jeffrey Coombs as an Andorian again.)


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