The 10 best horror movies of 2020 you can watch this Halloween

Never has there been a better time to watch horror movies.

Not only can the genre provide relief during a terrifying year by allowing us to face our fears and emerge at the other end unscathed, but when so many traditional Halloween festivities can’t go forward, we’ll need horror movies more than ever to fill the void. In fact, watching movies at home this Halloween is one of the CDC’s officially recommended “safer, alternative” ways to celebrate. You heard them, folks.

The pickings are slimmer than usual, but since a number of new movies have gone straight to video on-demand or streaming this year, there are still some excellent, spooky options. Here are the must-watch horror treats for Halloween 2020.

Scare Me (Shudder)

When two writers who retreat to cabins in the woods to work on their latest projects lose power, they entertain one another with scary stories in this clever minimalist horror-comedy. Scare Me demands an imagination from its audience thanks to one surprising decision: Never does it cut to the stories the characters are telling, remaining in the cabin from start to finish. As Fred and Fanny dramatically act out the spooky tales, playing all characters involved, director Josh Ruben makes use of an array of sound effects and inventive staging to bring the situations to life. What we ultimately get is a celebration of the art of storytelling and the collaborative creative process, with an endearing let’s-put-on-a-show kind of spirit throughout. A few bits overstay their welcome, and the ending is somewhat disappointing. But Scare Me’s ability to keep us entertained with nothing but dialogue in a single setting is a laudable accomplishment.

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Snatchers (HBO Max)

We didn’t get a new Edgar Wright movie this year like we were supposed to, but Snatchers is a fine substitute. Another horror-comedy, this one follows a teen girl who has sex for the first time, only to wake up immediately looking nine-months pregnant — with an alien baby. Deploying well-timed editing and quick zooms for comedic effect, the film clearly draws inspiration from Wright’s Shaun of the Dead, though it can’t quite replicate that film’s heart nor its clever meta take on the genre itself. Still, Snatchers is consistently funny, and the creature effects and kills are surprisingly well done for a silly comedy. What elevates the movie more than anything is the natural chemistry between its leads, Mary Nepi and Gabrielle Elyse. If there’s any justice in Hollywood, both will be going places.

1BR (Netflix)

A young woman moves into a new apartment complex and is welcomed into its friendly community, but it doesn’t take long for her to suspect something is not quite right. If that seems like an overly vague description, it’s only because 1BR is best seen knowing little going in, as it does a nice job surprising us with an unexpectedly early escalation that most movies would save for near the end. After this shock opening pivot, it still manages to go to some further unexpected places, although it’s a …read more

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