The Handmaid’s Tale Star Kristen Gutoskie on What’s Next for June and Beth After Explosive Finale  

WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Following The Handmaid’s Tale nail-biter of a season finale on Wednesday, Kristen Gutoskie is opening up about the fate of her character Beth after she and June free the stolen children of Gilead.

“Everyone’s left in limbo — none of us know what’s going to happen,” Gutoskie, 31, tells PEOPLE about June’s plan. “There’s definitely going to be hell to pay.”

Viewers experienced a roller coaster of emotions as the show’s protagonist completed her season-long mission that seemingly cost her her life.

While it is unclear as to what’s next for Moss’ character, Gutoskie has her own fantasy of how the series will pick back up next season.

“My hope is that they can all come together and rebel from a secret hiding place. Of course, worst case scenario is they get caught.”

This season of The Handmaid’s Tale — unlike the others — saw the Marthas at the forefront, specifically Gutoskie character.

Until now, the women, who were brought to Gilead as domestic servants to the families of Commanders, played a quiet role when it came to taking down the dystopian setting.

That changed when June moved in with Commander Joseph and met Beth — a former award-winning chef with a no B.S. attitude. Beth served as the gateway to June finding the help she needed to carry out the plan of getting the children out.

Because of Beth, viewers were also introduced to many other fearless Marthas who have created an entire network of women with the goal of bringing down Gilead.

“It’s such an honor and a privilege to be able to open that story and discover more about these women who are working behind the scenes to work on change,” Gutoskie tells PEOPLE.

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“It’s exciting. In this very restrictive lifestyle, Beth has always been able to take risks. I just love that the Marthas are getting to be better known.”

With the Marthas now at the forefront of the show, Gutoskie is hopeful that fans will get to learn more about Beth’s life before.

“I’d be curious to see how she got involved with the resistance and helping Nick get information to the Eyes and her life as a chef. She was even nominated for a James Beard Award. That’s pretty crazy.”

While the show has quickly become a fan favorite, many viewers have pointed out that the plot is not too far off from what’s happening in America today — something Gutoskie says she can’t ignore.

“It’s such a responsibility. I mean, it’s written in the ’70s, and it seems so scary how reflective it is of life right now,” she tells PEOPLE. “I feel a great sense of responsibility to try and tell this story truthfully so it can liberate viewers into being activists in the time we’re living in and come together for equality.”

Although her role comes with great responsibility, Gutoskie says she enjoys …read more

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