‘The party is over’: Officials in Miami, the unofficial spring break capital of the US, are kicking partiers off beaches and implementing 11 p.m. curfews to curb the coronavirus spread

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Coronavirus is ruining spring break for college kids.
As of Saturday evening, Miami Beach, once named the top spring break destination in the US, has been temporarily shut down in efforts to contain coronavirus.
People who feel healthy can be unknowing vessels for spreading coronavirus to those who are more high-risk.
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Spring break has come to screeching halt in Miami Beach.

Over the weekend, local Florida officials implemented new restrictions in the area to help curb the spread of coronavirus. There are currently 155 known infected cases in the state.

Measures taken locally include shutting down South Beach (the popular part of Miami Beach), implementing an 11 p.m. curfew, and limiting crowds to 250 people.

“It’s extremely upsetting because most students only get one spring break,” 21-year-old Gabby Porter, who was in Miami for spring break, told Business Insider of the restrictions.

Minimizing crowds of people is an important step in preventing coronavirus from spreading, as even low-risk groups like young, healthy people can be infected with the virus and not exhibit any symptoms.

“You have a mother, you have a grandmother and maybe a great-grandmother,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said to spring breakers during a news conference. “That virus can be extremely dangerous to them.”

South Beach, which is usually teeming with crowds of college kids this time of year, is now looking ghostly. Here’s what it looks like.

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Every spring, many college students flock to one of America’s most popular spring break destinations: Miami.

In 2018, Miami was named the No. 1 spring break destination in the US.

In 2019, they were part of the 23 million tourists visiting the greater Miami area. One of their favorite places to party? Miami Beach.

Source: Miami and Beaches

The spring break crowds here are big. In recent years, the noise, garbage, and wild parties have driven away some of the wealthy from South Beach, a trendy area of Miami Beach.

Source: Business Insider

But coronavirus is ruining the party this year. On Saturday, Florida officials closed part of Miami Beach to help contain the spread of the virus. It left the beaches eerily empty.

Miami Beach shut down from Fifth Street to 15th Street, the area known as South Beach, according to local news outlet Local10 News. That includes the nearby Lummus Park. Miami Beach’s parking garages are also closed to non-residents.

“We cannot become a petri dish for a very dangerous virus,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said of the decision during a news conference. “Spring break is over. The party is over.”

“COVID-19 is a threat as much here as anywhere,” he said in the …read more

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