These 15 countries are home to the most billionaires

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Fifteen countries account for 76% of the world’s billionaire population and 80% of the world’s billionaire wealth, according to Wealth-X’s 2020 Billionaire Census report.
All countries, except for UAE, saw an increase in the number of billionaires and amount of billionaire wealth.
The US dominates, with 788 billionaires who have a collective wealth of more than $3 trillion.
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Fifteen countries dominate in billionaire population and wealth.

That’s according to Wealth-X’s 2020 Billionaire Census report, which analyzed data from Wealth-X’s global database of more than one million records of the world’s richest people.

Three-fourths of the world’s billionaire population live in the 15 countries listed below. Collectively, the billionaires in these countries are worth $7.6 trillion — that accounts for 80% of total global billionaire wealth in 2019.

All countries, with the exception of the United Arab Emirates, saw an increase in the number of billionaires and amount of billionaire wealth in the past year. The United States dominates with 28% of the world’s billionaires and 36% of total billionaire wealth.

Note that Hong Kong and Singapore also made Wealth-X’s list of the top 15 cities with the most billionaires — Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous, special administrative region of China, and Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia.

Take a look at which countries worldwide have the most billionaires, ranked in ascending order.

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15. Singapore saw an uptick in billionaires over the past year.

Number of billionaires: 45

Total billionaire wealth: $87 billion

Singapore is one of the richest cities in the world: The total private wealth of its residents amounts to $1 trillion, reported Business Insider’s Katie Warren. It’s also one of the most expensive cities to live in worldwide.

14. Canada’s wealthy are getting richer faster than the rest of the population.

Number of billionaires: 46

Total billionaire wealth: $96 billion

Ricardo Tranjan, senior researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), ​told CBC that “the rich are really sprinting ahead” of average Canadians. According to a CCPA report, the richest families are worth $3 billion on average and own as much wealth as three Canadian provinces combined.

13. The United Arab Emirates is the only country in the top 15 to see a decline in its billionaire population over the past year.

Number of billionaires: 47

Total billionaire wealth: $163 billion

The UAE is also the 26th-largest wealth market (meaning total wealth held) worldwide, according to “The UAE 2018 Wealth Report.” Dubai, which has a strong oil industry, is home to more than half of UAE’s billionaires.

12. Brazil’s cumulative billionaire wealth increased by 5%.

Number of billionaires: 50

Total billionaire wealth: $162 billion

Brazil’s wealthy have become more discreet about their money in recent years,

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