We pitted Ben & Jerry’s new ‘light’ ice cream against the trendy company that is trying to compete with it — here’s the verdict

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Ben & Jerry’s released a low-calorie ice cream line in early 2018.
The low-calorie Ben & Jerry’s ice cream competes directly with Halo Top, a trendy ice cream company that sells low-calorie flavors and was the top-selling ice cream brand in American grocery stores last year.
We tried a pint of low-calorie ice cream from each brand and found that one was clearly better than the other.

Halo Top offering low-calorie ice cream was one of the trendy brand’s biggest assets in competing against more established ice cream companies like Ben & Jerry’s.

But Ben & Jerry’s is responding to the growing popularity of Halo Top, which launched in 2012, with a low-calorie ice cream of its own.

As Halo Top’s “light” ice creams have become more and more popular, Ben & Jerry’s released a low-calorie ice cream of its own in February. Ben & Jerry’s version comes in three flavors: P.B. Dough, Caramel Cookie Fix, and Chocolate Milk & Cookies. The pints each have under 160 calories per serving and are low in fat, with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Though Ben & Jerry’s may have more name recognition, Halo Top surpassed it to be America’s top-selling ice cream brand in grocery stores last year. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, all of Halo Top’s ice cream flavors are low-calorie, with many flavors having under 350 calories per pint — half of what the low-calorie Ben & Jerry’s flavors have per pint.

We put both low-calorie ice creams to the test. Here’s the verdict:

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Ben & Jerry’s only makes three flavors of low-calorie ice cream. We tried the P.B. Dough flavor and compared it to Halo Top’s non-dairy Peanut Butter Cup, its most similar flavor.

The premise of both ice creams is similar: all the flavor of ice cream, with half as many calories.

We tried Ben & Jerry’s P.B. Dough first.

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