Will ‘overzealous environmentalists’ destroy or save California? Roadshow

Q: Mr. Roadshow, I caught your remarks about gas-powered engines not being made in California come 2035. I could almost hear you crying with glee. Overzealous environmentalists, such as yourself, can’t be satisfied. The more you win, the more you want. It never ends.

New cars now run very clean. If you and Gov. Gavin Newsom would give it some thought, then maybe both of you would realize what you’re trying to destroy. Trouble is, eventually, overzealous environmentalists will destroy this state.

Congratulations, sir.

An anonymous critic

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A: Or help save it. I’m trying to find some facts in your argument. Climate scientists say climate change is here, it is increasing, and is already having catastrophic effects on lives, environments and livelihoods. The problems will be even more extreme for succeeding generations.

The California Air Resources Board will develop regulations to mandate that 100% of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks are zero-emission by 2035 — a target that would achieve more than a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an 80% improvement in oxides of nitrogen emissions. Gas-powered cars can remain on the road.

Around 15 countries may also do this. And one would guess that hopefully others may follow.

Q: I was driving my Nissan Leaf, exiting Highway 101 at Holly Street, when my Leaf was hit by several chunks of falling concrete from the overpass. It hit the front grill, charging door, and left fender. My heart is still racing. I have no idea who to alert.

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Bob Schueren, San Carlos

A: I called Caltrans and steps will be taken to prevent this scary experience from happening again.

Q:  I got a ticket in San Rafael for expired tags on Oct. 6. I had completed my renewal registration a long time before it expired and was waiting for COVID-19 to calm down before getting my smog test. I intend to contest it but wanted to let you know.

Jeff Terra, San Rafael

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A: Arghhh. Fight this ticket. The DMV recommends at-risk drivers who fear being exposed to COVID-19 pay renewal fees but wait to have their vehicles smogged until you feel it is safe to venture out and do so. Stickers will not be delivered until a smog check has been done. Mrs. Roadshow is in the same situation with her car: …read more

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