Camille Kostek On Modeling, Gronk, and Co-Starring with Ryan Reynolds in ‘Free Guy’

One of Camille Kostek’s earliest ambitions was to become a New England Patriots cheerleader, which she did while still a college student. Another was to fall in love, which she did with her partner of five years, Rob Gronkowski—“Gronk” to fans, five-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Patriots for nine years, including three Super Bowl wins; and land the cover of a major magazine. So, at 28, she’s pretty much done it all, except…. 

“You’ve been in the movie theater and you think, oh that would be so cool to be on the big screen like that,” Kostek tells us, revealing a new item she just checked off her wishlist. “My name is now ‘Bombshell,’” she says of her character in the upcoming Ryan Reynolds sci-fi action comedy, Free Guy. Originally, her character was called “Beauty,” but not anymore. “It was quite the name to live up to when you hear castmates saying, ‘Good morning, Beauty. Good morning, Bombshell.” 

In it, Reynolds plays Guy, a non-player character in a violent open-world video game. When, through a hidden mechanism, he becomes aware he’s in a game, he takes action to save the world from being shut down by developers. Kostek is cryptic about her role, revealing only, “I just love the bad guys in the movie. I’m very attracted to them.” 

Although she has plenty of experience in front of the camera as a model and host, and even had a cameo in the Amy Schumer movie I Feel Pretty, Free Guy is her biggest role to date. “I grew up watching so many movies with Ryan in them. You almost get nervous to meet these idols because you hope they’re everything you expect. And he was everything and more,” she says of her co-star and producer, along with director Shawn Levy. 

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“Even though he’s starring in the movie, Ryan would give me notes. I’m still learning, so it was cool to be on set and have them be so patient with me. There’s an absolute art to acting.” 

Kostek confessed to being a big fan of Reynolds’ wife, actor Blake Lively. And Reynolds likewise confessed that he was a huge fan of her boyfriend Rob Gronkowski, who happened to be in Boston where they shot the film in the spring and summer of 2019. Gronk and Kostek have a house in the area, so she was able to commute to the set instead of living out of a hotel. 

The couple met at a Thanksgiving charity event in 2013. She got stuck waiting on the red carpet while Gronk gave an interview. “It was the first time I listened to him speak and saw him up close,” she recalls. 

“I’d seen him on the roster and heard his name, but never really paid attention to him. I just knew he was a player on the team. It was very attractive to see how much love he had for the New England community and being around the kids and helping out. I thought, wow, he’s …read more

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