Grand Seiko Soars to New Heights with Eagle-Inspired Watch

Watch enthusiasts have long had their own communities and a shared language of the love of stellar timepieces, and there’s plenty more where that came from (if you know where to look), all thanks to the Grand Seiko GS9 Club and the exclusive Grand Seiko SBGE263 sport watch.

The GS9 Club is a one-of-a-kind way for watch lovers and diehard fans of Grand Seiko watches (of which there seem to be plenty of incredible recent releases) to connect, celebrate the brand, go behind the scenes and of course, shop exclusive watches like the SBGE263 with early access.

Watch aficionados have plenty of resources to pique their interest when it comes to new and rare timepieces, but it’s exclusive access to a watch like the Grand Seiko SBGE263 that really catches our eye.

Inspiration was drawn from the powerful eagle—majestic and authoritative. This gleaming sport watch certainly seems to fit the bill quite nicely, what with its stainless steel construction and a striking deep brown dial that calls to mind the plumage of our national bird.

It’s a bold and distinctive watch with a price tag to match ($6,700 on the dot), one that’s befitting of a collection filled with Grand Seiko watches. The Caliber 9R66 Spring Drive GMT is an incredible feature in its own right, jumping to the local hour when moving through time zones without having to reset the watch.

This watch isn’t like anything you’ve got in your collection, which should make it highly appealing to GS9 Club members and Grand Seiko fans alike. Only 110 are available starting this month, so act quickly to snag yours in the nick of time (pun intended). 

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