Harvard Professor Says Eating No More Than 6 French Fries Will Help You Live Longer

Harvard. Home to some of America’s finest minds and the gold standard in higher learning. Located in the heart of Cambridge, one of the Boston area’s most progressive, tea-drinking and quinoa-eating enclaves, Harvard also has no idea what the hell

He’s definitely not backing off from his contention that fries are the work of the diet-busting devil.

The professor deserves some credit for fighting back, considering he lives in a fry-centric universe.

Still, eating six fries is like just eating a tiny dessert spoon full of ice cream then letting the rest of it melt. Or having sex only six times in a year. Just no.

In all honesty, he might even be right. Potatoes are simple and not particularly nutritious dirt-dwelling tubers and when cooked they are utterly saturated with oil. Not to mention the sugary wonders of ketchup, the french fry’s constant culinary companion.

But who cares if Dr. Rimm is right? He can sit around in a Harvard office slurping kale smoothies all day if he likes.

The rest of us will gladly take our chances with those crispy, savory french fries.

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