Inside Mexico’s Private Paradise Villa—A Luxury Resort with Theme Park Attractions, Gourmet Meals and Bespoke Service

(Courtesy of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine)

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Should a private villa still be called a villa when it includes a 250-foot musical waterslide, multiple stocked bars and a cast of over 40 butlers, bartenders, actors, acrobats, private chefs and animal handlers?

Some call it heaven on Earth, but even that may be an understatement for the enormous, oceanfront Private Paradise Villa in Cozumel, Mexico. 

This 20,000-square-foot island wonderland is a magical place offering the utmost in privacy, comfort and entertainment. Groups of all ages gather here to enjoy luxurious vacations with scenic beaches, watersports and an upscale ambiance without the crowds of a typical beach resort.

This is the quintessential getaway spot for celebrities – many who have returned twice already – and those seeking exclusivity, indulgence, and world-class meals and service.

(Courtesy of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine)

Private Paradise Villa is a result of a highly creative think tank including award-winning designer John Giovanni Cacciutti and world-class resort architects and theme park engineers who have contributed to the creation of Disney World.

With its indoor and outdoor gaming and sports-viewing theaters and a 250-foot waterslide that somehow threads through the game room and over the swim-up bar in a see-thru tube from the roof, the property transcends you to an alternate reality.  

Innovative Architecture

Guests enjoy jaw-dropping, teal blue water views not only from heated pools, bars, suites, dining areas but also from most bathrooms.

(Courtesy of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine)

The open air concept affords a seamless flow from the lobby bar up the Sunrise Tower, to the Top-Of-The-World penthouse suite and lounge. It continues all the way through the Sunset building to the over-water Bali day beds and Caribbean hammocks via the Penthouse Plummet waterslide with sound and light show.

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It’s like living in Bruce Wayne’s Mansion with hi-tech equipment all around you, including a 16-foot theater screen that descends over an ocean-front glass wall in the great room and Dolby DTS surround sound coming from everywhere. Grand opening guest Paul Barker described it as “Mission Impossible meets 007” in his Trip Advisor review.

Putting all the luxurious marble finishes, exotic hardwoods and 25 feet tall harmonic waterfalls aside, the best part of Private Paradise’s architecture is that they thoughtfully designed-in quiet romantic areas for couples, as well as kids clubs inside and out that children naturally gravitate toward.

There are also great meeting places where the entire group can gather to enjoy gourmet meals, root for home teams on televised sporting events and watch live performances together. 

Hi-Tech Entertainment

A game room with a pool table, shuffle board and a 14-foot SONY DTS Pro gaming theatre is so exciting that parents find it hard to get toddlers and teens out of there.

(Courtesy of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine)

Meanwhile just steps away, the adults are having the time of their lives in the nearby Shadow Theater. This innovative, self-entertaining, group feature sets the stage for karaoke and silhouette dancing to music videos with friends and family …read more

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