Mother’s new little helper: Is the Pot Mom about to replace the Wine Mom?

“And you’re why mommy drinks wine, yes you are, oh yes you are …..”

Oh, those edgy and ubiquitous wine mom memes, magnets and T-shirts, normalizing motherhood and booze. It’s all seen as good fun — empowering and rebellious, a way for women to challenge the expectation that mothers should be models of sobriety.

However, for seemingly growing numbers of women, pot, not pinot, is the new way to lubricate the stresses of motherhood. Proponents argue it’s a safer, less intoxicating and more controllable relaxant than alcohol, which is a depressant, and almost as calorie-loaded as fat. Women say it can help make them more tuned into their kids. More nurturing.

Some observers are predicting growing legalization of recreational marijuana could lead to a further feminization of weed — just as emerging research suggests the female brain is more susceptible to the rewarding effects of cannabis, and possibly, a faster trajectory to dependence.

For cannabis advocate Jessie Gill, weed enhances her patience, “greatly.”

“It puts you into almost a meditative, reflective state. It kind of helps you see your kid’s point of view,” said Gill, who blogs as MarijuanaMommy. The New Jersey-based registered nurse reluctantly began using medicinal cannabis for a work-related, cervical spine injury that doctor-prescribed opioids couldn’t touch.

“A lot of moms, a lot of women, are starting to see that it’s not this dangerous, scary thing,” Gill said. “The moms who are using cannabis recreationally tend to be self-medicating for stress — ‘I have so much anxiety at the end of the day, I can’t take it.’ It’s an alternative to wine.”

Women aren’t “zoning out” on the couch after school bus pickup or bedtime story time, insisted Gill, who recently launched The Pretty Pipe shop, curator and shipper of female-friendly paraphernalia, like purple and gold lace percolator bongs and the “little duck dabber.” The Pretty Pipe Shop, like MarijuanaMommy, is meant to challenge the “stoner” image surrounding cannabis, Gill said.

“When I came out, I was blown away by how many other moms, other women — grandmothers, business women, doctors — would say, ‘I smoke, I use cannabis occasionally.”

They’re just not likely to post it on Facebook. Yet.

Some predict the cannabis industry will take a page out of big alcohol’s playbook and its “pinking” of booze that began in the late 1990s, with the rollout of low-calorie, ready-to-serve cocktails and wines with names like “Skinnygirl” and “Girls’ Night Out.” This month, the makers of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky released a limited U.S. edition of “Jane Walker” in support of Women’s History Month, the label featuring an hourglass Jane striding in sexy riding boots, tailcoat and a top hat.

“In order to successfully market to women, you need to make it seem like it’s part of the well-balanced life — the good, happy life that includes yoga and running,” said Samantha Brennan, a feminist theorist and bioethicist and dean of arts at the University of Guelph. “I think lots of these activities are going to be tied to marijuana as a way to get women …read more

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