NBA Great Tracy McGrady Teams With CRAVE To Launch 13N35 Bag Line

Before the game between the Houston Rockets and the World Champion San Antonio Spurs on December 9, 2004, everyone knew Tracy McGrady was a baller, one of the best. A seven-time All-Star and seven-time All-NBA selection, he was named scoring champion twice. 

He finished his career averaging roughly 20 points per game, and in 2017 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. But on December 9, 2004, in the final minute, McGrady did what no one – not Michael, nor Kobe, nor Lebron – had done before him. With his team down by 12, he scored 13 points in 35 seconds for the win.

Tracy McGrady 

Now he and business partner Grant Haas of the prestigious investment capital firm Haas Portman Family Office are teaming with CRAVE CEO Charles Kim to launch 13N35, a new brand that takes its name from McGrady’s most epic moment on the court.

“There’s so much more that I can do. And on the business level is where I want to excel. We got a lot of great things brewing in the business world right now,” McGrady says about his post-NBA career.

13N35’s debut product is a shoulder bag that’s smaller than a backpack but larger than a fanny pack. It stores sundry items like your wallet, keys, and there’s even a plug to charge your phone, yet it’s large enough to fit a change of clothes.

A limited-edition roll out in China and the U.S. happens this week (on-line only at, just in time for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. A product teaser streamed live from McGrady’s court at his home in Houston last December reached 1.5 million viewers in China. Testing the waters, 13N35 sold 1,000 bags in 15 minutes.

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“Social media drives everything,” says Charles Kim, whose business model dispenses with the traditional notion of a brand spokesperson, instead making the celebrity himself the brand. “We get lots of authentic content from Tracy. One of the posts did ten million views. It’s all about storytelling and how that story engages with the Chinese fans and audience. We’re telling a story and not just selling a product. We build the brand around your story.”

Under CRAVE’s analysis, China has over 900 million internet users, with social media, payment solutions, and eCommerce markets averaging 600 percent larger than the U.S. Online transactions in the U.S. average $49.3 billion annually. In China, that number exceeds $15.1 trillion. CRAVE has in place critical social media and eCommerce partnerships including Tencent Open Media, Douyin, WeChat, Weibo, Bytedance, Alibaba, AliSport, Youku, Alipay and

“From the ideation of the brand all the way to manufacturing, distribution marketing, social media, it’s a turnkey solution. We handle everything,” says Kim, a former Investment Banker. 

After seven years as Managing Director at China Renaissance Group, a leading financial institution in China, he founded CRAVE in 2019. “All I’m doing is leveraging a population that’s a billion and a half people, that’s five times the size of the U.S.”

CRAVE is designed to be a full-service platform offering …read more

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