Restaurateur-Turned-Wellness Influencer Michael Chernow on Leading a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle

After wandering into the well-worn pit of indolence and drug abuse as a young man, at 23 years old Michael Chernow discovered both Muay Thai boxing and sobriety. Harnessing his newfound discipline into action, Chernow co-founded the hugely popular Meatball Shop, grew it to a half-dozen restaurants, and then sold it. 

Almost immediately, he launched sustainable seafood eatery Seamore’s, grew and sold that venture too, and is now readying to open his latest culinary experiment, Kreatures of Habit. 

Through it all the bodybuilder and fitness advocate has utilized his profound belief in health and wellness to blaze a path of his own. Today he tells us how we can, too. 

You’ve managed to transform your robust restaurant background into becoming an advocate for health and wellness. What the most important practices people can start implementing in their lives to become more optimized? 

It’s a loaded question, but here’s what I’ll tell you: small, little, decisions made on a consistent basis from the beginning of the day are the best way to change your life—in terms of optimization to living a life of wellness and betterment. And I learned that from early on we have an opportunity every single morning, from the second we open our eyes, to determine what our day is going to be like. We can open our eyes and we can hit snooze and go back to sleep, which is probably the worst possible way to start your day. Or if you really want to see a difference, wake up an hour earlier. 

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Walk me through your morning routine. 

I kind of look at these little routines as just wins stacked up on top of each other; it really gives me an opportunity to succeed every single day. I wake up at 5:30 every morning. I don’t have an alarm that goes off, I just wake up. As soon as I know I’m awake I smile from ear-to-ear for 15 seconds, because a lot of people, including myself, wake up with a level of anxiety that sort of stops them in their tracks for the day. 

What happens in that 15 seconds is I feel positivity and optimism literally wash over my body and it’s my first attempt to attack anxiety and stress right out the gate.

 Then I roll out of bed into the bathroom. I splash water on my face. I brush my teeth, etc. And then I do 25 or 50  pushups, depending on how I feel. Then I quietly make my way down to the gym in my garage and train for about an hour and a half. 

Getting up early gives me an opportunity to get things done, meditate, slowly roll into my day, get some writing done. For me, I like to get fitness out of the way first thing in the morning, because: A, it kickstarts my metabolism; I feel freaking awesome when I’m done with a good workout. And B, if I don’t do it in the morning, the chances of me skipping it as it gets later …read more

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